Friday, January 24, 2014

Old Man Of The Mountain

former(a) homo of The big money By: Riley During the time of the beatified crusades in that location were an unnoticed group of hatful, extinguishing from the shadows. These people were assassins. Their leader, aged(prenominal) part of The Mountain, was the greatest leader of his time. He utilise tactical partoeuvre that the human race had neer seen before, gave his following an original service and tactically outflank fear throughout the holy land. His call was just legend and legend among crusaders and The Old man of The Mountain became something of stories and folklore, which was just the counselling he liked it. The Old man of The Mountain unploughed an separate force during the crusades, even though there were numerous wars going on around the holy land. He n of all time took a facial expression in the wars between the Crusading Europeans and the defending Arabs. He fought many heavy battles and wars of his own to keep his gospel, cu lture and people alive. Old Man of The Mountain was the leader of the graduation ever group of Assassins. They lived in mountain fortresses, hence the name Old Man of the Mountain. Hassan I-Sabbah was the first Old Man of The Mountain and was the greatest leader in Syria during the crusades. He created the assassin way of life, creed and fighting tactics. Since the assassins were an independent force and they were small in numbers, they had to start something that their rivals did not. Hassan I-Sabbah trained his soldiers to be able to stealthily kill tar flummoxs that he chose. His assassins used disguises or any means necessary to kill their assign targets. The assassins were able to kill while remaining undetected and anonymous which meant the enemy never knew what hit them. This tactic was highly powerful during the crusades, since there were so many wars going on at once most of the time the killings done by the Assassins went unnoticed, garbled in the chaos. Th is was great for Hassan I-Sabbah though; bec! ause he could nonplus his followers assassinate anyone who was trying to expose his creed. Depending on...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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