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CAPTAIN AURTHUR ANDREW CIPRIANI Captain Cipriani is the pioneer of the nationalist movement of Trinidad and Tobago. The nigh outstanding of these was Captain Andrew Arthur Cipriani, a white man of Corsican descent he was born in the year 1875 , who had served as commander of the West India regiment. Cipriani re displaceed the fact that the West India regiment was not allowed to fight for the British Empire but preferably was sent to Egypt, where its forces served as labor battalions. . On his return to Trinidad he became a leader not just to the ex-soldiers but to labourers as well. Because Cipriani was white, he was able to transcend the black-East Indian racial wave-particle duality and became cognise as the champion of the barefoot man. Captain Arthur Andrew Cipriani was a renowned [labour leader and politician Trinidad and Tobago] . He served as city manager of Port of Spain, elect member of the Legislative Council , Cipriani served with the West Indies Regiment du ring World state of war I and was impressed by how the West Indians adapted to the business enterprise of modern war. This guide him to conclude that the West Indian hatful were capable of self-government. Cipriani was a planter of Corsican ancestry, and his followers were running(a) class blacks and East Indians. . He was the leader of the Trinidad Workingmens Association and devote of the Trinidad Labour Party In November 1919, during a labour dispute on the Port-of-Spain wharves, Cipriani called on the workers to withhold their labour, and this resulted in their first important industrial whang in Trinidad. His popularity reached great heights, and, in 1921, he was elected to a back on the City Council of Port-of-Spain. In 1923, he became chairwoman of the Trinidad Workingmens Association, which at that time was the bucolics steer workers organization. In 1925, Captain Cipriani became Mayor of Port-of-Spain, which move him to a seat on the Legislative Council in Trinidads first planetary elections.. O! n the platform of the...If you want to contain a affluent essay, order it on our website:

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