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education is key Essays - Reconstruction Era,

W. E. B. Du Bois believes that everyone should be fully educated for a change in the life of Americans. In 1903 education was much different than it is now, but there are still a few things that we struggle with that they did. Race, and the desire to learn are the main elements of why then and now we can?t live a more sophisticated life. Education is clearly important to Du Bois and believing that every man is equal and deserves the same in learning. A formal education calls sometimes for more success, money, and overall better living. The more people that have an education, I believe, can realize what is wrong with the world and learn of the race struggle in it. I believe Du Bois feels the same. Education can take an individual and make that individual realize what he/she is missing out on, and the differences we have in the world. The student will learn of past and present race situations and hopefully make that individual help with the cause. The fight against race in 1903 has gotten a little bit better, but not as well as Du Bois would have hoped. We allow different races to enjoy all the same things and share the same education, unfortunately there are still people that don?t agree with sharing these things with a different colored person. Du Bois believes that education could help an individual gain respect for the problems at hand and try to fight for equality. Achieving the fight against race, would allow everyone?s hate for other colored people?s life to go away and all of us be friends, well maybe. Like I?ve stated before, education has moved us a little farther with the battle, but not everyone is educated. Probably half of the kids that start school drop out becau se they don?t have the drive, or they just hate being educated because they?re stuck up their own butt?s. Du bois is trying to find a reason to get people to be motivated about learning, but is very hard when people just want mediocre jobs. How do you feel when someone tells you, ?Good Job!? I bet you feel really good about yourself and you keep doing that good thing, which could lead into several good things. Do you feel a sense of achievement? If all leadership roles could learn to use constructive criticism, instead of bashing and picking little things. This applies to schooling, and why I believe most kids drop out, and we have so much poor families. If we could learn to find positive things in everything and not little things, because nobody wants to hear they?re a failure. When you feel you?ve achieved something in school, like getting an ?A? on a test or paper, you keep that paper in mind and keep doing well. When a teacher in a higher educative stance pulls you in front of the class and makes fun of your test or paper, it?ll put you down right? Well Du Bois definitely doesn?t want that to happen, he wants an individual to feel achievement and feel like they can do good. The experience of life without an education can be very tough on you and your family. Working a minimum wage job, raising two kids, and having to pay bills can probably be very tough. When having a college degree, higher paying jobs are more likely and a better way of living. You have more of a variety of what you can do, and will get more opportunities than someone with just a GED. People with some kind of college degree can earn over a million more dollars in a lifetime than a person with just a GED. In today?s economy, you need to have a higher education, or you won?t get high paying jobs. Everyone can go on to college and make a better life for themselves, they just have to have drive and determination. Du Bois? essay should be read in high school?s, just to give them the realization that everything isn?t what they seem, life isn?t served on a silver platter. With the goals that he set, I don?t believe we can ever reach without everybody knowing what

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4 Tips to Sneak Soft Skills in Your Resume

4 Tips to Sneak Soft Skills in Your Resume What should your resume looks like? There are plenty of standard resume tips and resume best practices  out there, but only a few provides actionable tips.  Here are some savvy tips you can incorporate soft skills into your resume. It’s often easier to just list your last five positions than to think of creative ways to sell your personality, but consider these steps to include soft skills into your resume! 1. Use Soft Skills Mentioned in the Job PostingWhen in doubt, always harvest from the ad that told you the job was available! Odds are they’ll mention â€Å"detailsWhenever you’re stuck, think of the STAR method- â€Å"Situation, Task, Action, Result†- to back up what you did, how you did it, and why it matters.Situation:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"As the medical clinic’s head receptionist†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Tasks:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"†¦responsibilities included maintaining schedules, administering paperwork, filing appointment records†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Action:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"â € ¦.and developing a systematized approach to the coordination of care between offices.†Result:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"This coordinating system has now been adopted by all five clinics in the building and facilitates clearer communication and speedier medical care across the clinic.†4. Highlight Your Leadership QualitiesEmphasize the roles in which you’ve supervised others, developed flagship protocols or policies, or headlined important projects! Once again, make sure you have  specific examples to support each instance. If you make it to the interview, you’ll want to illustrate your claims  with quantitative experience.

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Lower Divison Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Lower Divison Capstone - Essay Example K., & Versace, G.2011). Company authorities knew that the market was already ruled by some of the most prominent and famous luxury watch manufacturers such as the Anne Klein Watches, Rolex and Di Molodo Watches. Therefore, the Company authorities were well aware of the fact that the Company will have to deliberately set a low price because it faces a high degree of competition posed by legendary luxury watch manufacturer’s, who have been in the business from decades. Therefore, in launching the Versace Luxury Watches, the Company had to employ the theory of Price Penetration in an effort to gain a footing in the market. So, initially the prices of Versace watches were deliberately set very low as compared to the prices of other luxury Brand watches. The idea behind the implementation of price penetration strategy was to introduce the consumers to the Versace Watches at a lower price which would inevitably encourage the consumers to buy them. Secondly, the other purpose of sett ing lower prices was to encourage the customers to develop the habit of using Versace watches, so that when the Company eventually raises the prices, their sales would not be affected substantially. (Hassan et al 1994). Thirdly, the company’s use of penetration pricing strategy ensured that it would gain a substantial slice of the market because the low price of their watches would definitely attract retailers to buy large quantities of their product. The results of the implementation of the pricing penetration theory were simple; the Versace Watches were an instant success and their first annual sales were several folds higher than the Company had initially expected. The success of pricing penetration theory lies in the fact that Versace is a huge Company with revenue of over â‚ ¬ 162.7 million, thus the Company was well adapted to cope with the high cost of the implementation of the theory. (Davis, D. K., & Versace, G.2011). However, if I had been the senior manager at t he time the Company launched the watches, I would have definitely employed the theory of Market Skimming. Through the implementation of this theory, I would have ensured that the product is sold at a high price at the time of its launching because initially the product is unique in the market and for a large number of consumers; Uniqueness matters more than the price. (Needham et al 1990). Over the last few years, the Versace business environment has changed dramatically, and globalization has proved to be the catalyst of the change. In an effort to cope with the expansion of its business, Versace has sought to employ the strategy of employee empowerment. The company is based in Italy but is now expanding their business worldwide and for this the adoption of employee empowerment culture plays a vital role. Due to the opening of boutiques and stores across the world, the Company now relies extensively on the capabilities of its employees. The Company has introduced a range of trainin g programs and other services which ensures that their employees are more reliable and capable of performing better than ever before. On the other hand, the Company ensures that its employees feel trusted and gives the right of decision making to them. Furthermore, through various employee benefitting policies, the employees are given self confidence in an effort to ensure that they remain motivated and perform their duties to their full capabilities. Therefore, in many ways the Versace fashion house lets its employees know that for them, their

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Case Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Case - Research Paper Example This case study will explore an actual situation that existed as an illustration of divergent management styles at CD Hotels Inc. This happened during Eddie’s tenure at the company when he was a member of the management team. Kenny was a young and fresh graduate from university with the eagerness and enthusiasm to work. He had studied Business Administration with majors in Management. From the onset, he looked naà ¯ve and vulnerable at times. However, he was ready to listen to what other people had to say. He created an aura of likeness within and around him from the day he started working at the company. He knew how to create rapport with fellow colleagues without creating any tension. When people approached him with issues, he always seemed ready to help whenever there was a need to do so. He made it easy for people to work with him and he was never the type of person that would put his team off. Instead, he wanted input from his colleagues and was ready to listen and reach a consensus whenever there was a dispute. CD Hotels was established in 1981 as a small establishment that used to house middle class people in Washington D.C. It was established by Martin Atkinson as the first of the would-be many worldwide hotel chains. In 1984, the organization began its expansion programs to cover areas outside Washington D.C. During that year, five hotels were established in the United States, which were serving the most clients in the hospitality sector. Over the years, the company has received international status with improved revenue collections as well as financial muscle. It developed an international reputation as one of the finest hospitality industries around the world. The establishment has spread out beyond borders into the East, Europe, Africa, and South America. The company has since grown and witnessed the creation of different departments and divisions that have clear roles and responsibilities. For

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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry in Managment Assignment - 1

The Contemporary Hospitality Industry in Managment - Assignment Example The essential issue in the hospitality industry is the quality of the service provided. The hospitality industry hence must have a clear working framework and structure that enhances service delivery of which behavior and attitude, kindness in welcoming guests, of the staff plays a very important role (Wood & Brotherton, 2008). In the quest for a quality product and service delivery in the hospitality industry, it is organized into a specific given structure to address the challenges that may be experienced during service delivery or improving quality service delivery. This structure organization ranges from individual organizations to universal corporate organizations with staff and levels of operations undertaking several diverse tasks. Most people usually limit the structure and branches of the hospitality industry to hotels, restaurants, or motels. This is however not so because the hospitality industry structure and branches are very diversified as it will be outlined in this paper. The branches and sectors, for instance, are, Events; this is a special sector of the hospitality industry that provides the role of organizing and hosting events such as seminars, conference meetings among others. This is also the hospitality service that is widely known to offer a cordial reception to guests and providing places to sleep for instance hotel rooms. Pubs, bars and nightclubs are also a section of the hospitality industry that is majorly entertainment hangouts. Tourist services are also part of the hospitality industry that provides for vacation, touring and recreational services. Other perceived negligible areas that are part of hospitality industry includes travel services such as  airlines and bus services; visitor attraction such as museums and park visits services; self-catering and contract catering; holiday parks; hostels; membership clubs; and gambling (Brotherton, 2003).

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Health and Safety in the Production Plant Environment

Health and Safety in the Production Plant Environment 4.1  INTRODUCTION Environmental and safety are the aspects that need to be considered in any production plant as these aspects could affect the production process, human health, and environment. Raw materials, product, by-product, and equipment are the most important elements included in safety measurement of production plant. In this chapter, every element that could be hazard to human and environment are discussed for example how raw materials and equipment could be a threat to human and how by-product could be a threat to environment. This chapter will be discussed on how to apply and implement Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) according to designated plant. Enforcing the law of Occupational Safety and Health, HIRARC are greatest important. 4.2  SAFETY CONSIDERATION In order to maintain optimum productivity of plant production, employee and employers have to work together to ensure a safe work place for manpower activities. Plus, the need of safe work place environment and safety consideration to protect people from any hazard are utmost important. Efficient method to identify the risk involving process and implement the most practical and applicable measure to reduce and manage the risk is by implementing Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC). 4.2.1 Objective of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) HIRARC is a fundamental of basic risk management in management, operation, and practice of planning of a business. The purposes of HIRARC are as follows To identify any element that could be hazard to employee and others To consider the chances of any harms to be hazard in the circumstances of a particular case and possible severity obtained from those harms To enable employee planning an optimum safety measures to ensure the risks are controlled all the time Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) MSDS is list of information on the hazards, safety and emergency measures related to specific products. All the information about the product and by product will be list in this sheet and the hazard of the product will also be identified. Hazard Identifications Hazard identification means the identification of unwanted events that brings to materialisation of the hazard and the mechanism by which those unwanted events could occur. In other word, to identify hazard that can cause injury exist around the plant which can be separate into three main groups, health hazards, safety hazards, and environmental hazards. Therefore, it can be simplified that there are three types of common accident based on the past study. The utmost accident that happened in chemical plants is fire, followed by explosions and toxic release. 4.2.3 Chemical Hazard and Risks in the Workplace In chemical safety term, â€Å"hazard† refers to the inherent hazardous properties of a chemical or chemical operation, while â€Å"risk† generally means the likelihood of the hazardous properties of a chemical that may cause harm to the people surrounding and the severity of that harm. The risk dealing with chemical or in a chemical operation depends on the inherent hazard, the working environment, physical form of the chemical involved and the method of handling and lastly the operating procedures. 4.2.4 Chemical Hazards of Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) VAM is a flammable, reactive, colourless liquid that is partly soluble in water. At higher levels, VAM odour could be sharp and irritating while it has fruity smell when at lower levels. Flammability VAM is a flammable liquid with flash point is below 37 °C. It form flammable vapour when mix with air at room temperature. Plus, its vapours are heavier than air and may travel a long distance to an ignition source such as a flame or electric spark and then flash back. Reactivity VAM is a reactive molecule and it could polymerize uncontrollably if did not handled or stored properly. Prolonged or intense exposure to heat, sunlight, ultraviolet light or x-rays may result in polymerization. Furthermore, spontaneous polymerization may also result from exposure to amines, strong acids, alkalis, silica, alumina, oxidizing agents. However, hydrolysation in water not considered as hazardous reaction. Health Effects VAM is irritating to the upper respiratory tract, skin and eyes. Potential hazard to eyes are irritation, redness and swelling but cause a low acute toxicity by all routes of exposure. Report based on lab experiment stated that high level inhalation exposure to VAM in animal results in deaths from pulmonary edema. Moreover, lifetime drinking water or inhalation exposure to VAM shown cancer effects in laboratory animals which tumor reported localize directly to attached part with VAM. Tumor observed at high exposure concentrations are not considered to be relevant to humans exposed to low concentrations under typical use conditions. Environmental Effects VAM tends to stay in the air where it is rapidly degraded by photochemical pathways. It has 0.6 days atmospheric half-life and 7 days hydrolytic half-life at pH 7 and 25 °C. Volatilization of VAM could occur once it is released to soil or water. In case of effect of VAM to water, VAM partitions mostly to the water where it undergoes hydrolysis and it is readily biodegraded by either anaerobic or aerobic mechanisms. Plus, VAM is considered to be moderately toxic to aquatic organisms. In conclusion, VAM considered non-harmful to environment. 4.2.5 Chemical Hazards of Acetic Acid At temperature above 16.7  °C, acetic acid is described as clear, colourless, combustible liquid with a pungent odour which is smell like vinegar. Flammability Acetic acid has a flash point of 39  °C. Autoignition’s temperature of acetic acid is at 427  °C and dilute acetic acid solutions are not combustible. Fire involving acetic acid should be fought upwind and from the maximum distance possible. Moreover, vapour explosion of acetic acid may occur indoors, outdoors, or maybe in sewer. Vapour travel to a source of ignition and flash back. Reactivity Overall, acetic acid is unstable at heating and freezing temperature. The vapour of acetic acid will form explosive mixtures with air. Plus, reaction of acetic acid with chromic acid, ammonium nitrate, sodium peroxide, nitric acid, phosphorus trichloride, or other oxidizers could cause fires or explosions. In case of hazardous decomposition, toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may be released as acetic acid heated to decomposition. In concentrated form, acetid acid is highly corrosives. Health Effects Exposure to acetic acid may occur through inhalation, ingestion, skin contact and absorption through the skin. Based on lab experiment, glacial acetic acid is corrosive to tissues while concentrated acetic acid can cause moderate to severe burns. In addition, vapour acetic acid also can cause eye, skin, mucous membrane, and upper respiratory tract irritation upon exposure. In case of effect on humans, acetic acid may irritate eyes, mucous membrane, upper respiratory tract and skin. Environmental Effects Acetic acid environmental effects depend on the concentration and duration of exposure. It can be a threat to plants, animals, and aquatic as it comes in high concentration. Acetic acid exposed to environment as a vapour and it also soluble in water but it degrades rapidly into harmless substance once releases to environment. 4.2.6 Chemical Hazard of Ethylene Ethylene is a gaseous with boiling point of -104  °C at atmospheric pressure and it is stored in the liquid state under high pressure or at low temperature. Plus, it has solubility in water of 131 mg/l at 20  °C. Flammability Ethylene gas is highly flammable and explosive. Reactivity Ethylene is reactive substances because of double bond structure present in the alkenes. Due to its high reactivity, ethylene may undergo a lot different reactions such as oxidation, halogenation, alkylation, hydration, and polymerisation. Human Health Ethylene has low toxic level and risk to human health is minimal. It is identified from occupational exposure, general public exposure, and directly or indirectly exposure to environment but exposure to the gas can cause dizziness, lightheaded, and perhaps pass out. However lab experiment stated that ethylene is metabolised to ethylene oxide which can cause cancer from carcinogenic and mutagenic effect. Environmental Effect Due to its physical and chemical properties, ethylene is released mainly into the atmospheric compartment. About three quarters of atmospheric ethylene originates from natural sources, while one quarter is from anthropogenic sources. The main anthropogenic release is from burning of hydrocarbons and biomass. 4.2.7 Chemical Hazard of Oxygen Oxygen is an odourless, colourless, non-flammable gas. It is an oxidizing gas and could accelerates combustion. Oxygen is stored in cylinders at high pressure. Flammability Oxygen is a non-flammable gas Reactivity Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion. Some non-combustible materials could burn with presence of an oxygen enrich atmosphere which is greater than 23%. Oxygen may form explosive compounds as exposed to combustible materials such as oil, grease, and other hydrocarbon material. Plus, heat applied on a container with oxygen can cause pressure increase hence cause container rupture. Human Health If oxygen is inhaled as much as 80% or above at atmospheric pressure for more than a few hours, it may cause nasal stuffiness, cough, sore throat, chest pain, and breathing difficulty. Moreover, breathing pure oxygen under pressure may cause lung damage and also central nervous system effects which cause dizziness, poor coordination, tingling sensation, visual and hearing disturbances, muscular twitching, unconsciousness and convulsions. Environmental Effect Highly concentrated sources of oxygen promote rapid combustion and therefore are fire and explosion hazards in the presence of fuels. 4.2.9 Personal Protective Equipment PPE is equipment that will protect the user against safety at work. By this, that person will be protected against one or more risks arising from chemical or chemical operation to the person’s health or safety. OSHA 1910.132 requires employers to determine the proper personal protective equipment for each hazard and to train any employees the guidelines how and when to wear safety protective equipment. Example of personal protective equipment listed for the use of handling of chemicals can be classified into following categories such as protective clothing, hand and foot protective gears, eye and face protective equipment and last but not least the respiratory protective equipment. This protective equipment may save your life in any danger situation. Protective Clothing Protective clothing may refer which gear that literally can protect body or personal clothing from contact with dangerous chemical or any spread of contamination in workplace. This may include gowns, aprons and overalls. This chemical resistance that may affect the quality of the protective clothing are the resistance to degradation of the chemical due to the spread of chemical and the permeability of the chemical. Proper selection of protective clothing may result in a better in safety and health such as any dangerous chemical operations depends on the risks involved. Suitable material of protective clothing should be in good quality and appropriate form in order to provide protective if any danger occurred. Handling of chemical is a risk that may happen if not handled it properly, protection can be achieved by the personal clothing such as gowns and overalls made of synthetic material based of terylene or nylon with a water repellent finish. Hand Protective Gears Hand protective gears may protect the hand and arm from any spills of the chemical and by prevent the spread of contamination. Generally gears are gloves used in industry. The selection of gloves usually must be based on the hazard occurred in the industry. In production of plant typically involved dangerous chemical when operating the process. In consideration, reference should be considered in order to categorise based on the chemical resistance properties and physical characteristic of the glove. The Chemical resistance, thermal protection and mechanical strength should be considered when in any different path of industry. Chemical resistance of the protection level depends on the glove material itself, the method of construction and thickness of the gloves. It should be aware that chemical resistance property of gloves may be adversely affected by abrasion and heat. For thermal protection gloves may made from neoprene which can be used for handling oils at low temperatures and co tton gloves can operate against moderate heat level. Foot Protection Gears Foot protective gears protect the foot and leg from any dangerous chemical and to prevent the spread of contamination. Foot protection gears are shoes or boots. The footwear is selected based on the hazard involved and from the working environment. Mostly in plant, it is best to wear a safety boots, in order to prevent any unsafe accident occur. The type of injury should be related to the risk of the injury, the foot should at least be protected by well-made shoes. In cases it depends on the risk of the parts of the body being injured as example of ankle, knee or thigh. Eyes and Face Protection Equipment In process of chemical operation, eye or face might be need a protective equipment in order to prevent any hazard of splashes of hot or any dangerous liquid chemicals, flying object as example of bursting containers, any dust or vapour that might be harmful to eye and face and lastly the intense light from the radiation emitted to the chemical process. By that, safety goggles should be wearing during the process operation. Other than that, face shield with adjustable head harness that may protect the face but not fully at the ayes area. Besides, eye and face protective equipment is also available in tints and shades for the protection of radiation or intense light from the chemical operation. Respiratory Protective Equipment The potential of exposure in MEK plant may achieve 200 ppm, therefore the use of respiratory protective equipment is important in order to prevent the harmful of gas through the respiratory system. Respiratory protective system equipment also used to provide breathing air when working in any dangerous chemical environment where the presence of chemicals in air at high concentration. Be sure to consider all potential exposures when working in place where dangerous chemical exposure occurred. Combination of filters, prefilters or cartridges to protect against different types of form such as mist, vapour, dust and other chemical mixtures must be relates. Exposure of 3000 ppm and above, the situation is absolutely dangerous to life and health. The range of exposure must be less than 3000 ppm and if possible use a NIOSH approved self-contained breathing apparatus just to make sure the better quality and protection approved by the NIOSH. 4.3  RISK ASSESSMENT Risk analysis that is most effective is one that uses likelihood and severity in qualitative method. The result are present in a risk matrix is very effective method of communicating the distribution of the risk at the plant area workplace. The likelihood of an event occurring range from â€Å"most likely† to â€Å"inconceivable† are where the value came from. As shown in the table below of likelihood using the following values: Table 4.1: Likelihood Source: DOSH HIRARC Guideline The severity is categories into five elements. The increasing level of severity to an individual’s health, property and environment that is present in the table below: Table 4.2: Severity Source: DOSH HIRARC Guideline Table 4.3: Likelihood vs Severity Source: DOSH HIRARC Guideline The priority is determined based on the following risk category for necessary actions . Table 4.4: Risk Category Source: DOSH HIRARC Guideline 4.4  RISK CONTROL PREVENTIVE MEASURE HIRARC last step process is risk control. The assessed hazard will be assigned by risk control step for every control needed. Suitable control requires proper evaluating and selecting long and short term controls. The short-term measures to protect workers are implementing and the long term controls can be put in place when reasonably applicable. The five type of control started from elimination, substitution, engineering control, administrative control and last defences is personal protective equipment (PPE) which used when controls measure practicable and where additional protection is needed. The hierarchy of control to be applied is shown below. Figure 4.1: Hierarchy of Control (Source: DOSH HIRARC Guideline) 4.4.1 Elimination Elimination is the most effective hazard control which the step is by eliminating the hazard or in other words, physically removing it. Taking example when an employee is doing a job high above the ground, the hazard can be eliminatedby moving the piece they are working on to ground level to eliminate the need to work at heights. 4.4.2 Substitution Substitution is a preventive step involves replacing some task that might produces hazard with something that might not. This step quite similar to elimination but it required replaced task for the eliminated task. Taking example of process of replacing lead based paint with acrylic paint. 4.4.3 Engineering Controls The main objective of engineering controls is rather isolates people from hazards than eliminate the hazards. Capital costs of engineered controls tend to be higher than less effective controls in the hierarchy. However they may reduce future costs. For example, building a work platform is a chosen step rather than purchase, replace, and maintain  fall arrest  equipment. Plus, isolation could create a physical barrier between person and hazard. For example, using a remote control is much safer than manually control. 4.4.4 Administrative Controls Definition of administration controls is changing the way people work. This control types need an organization that could handle all the employees. The examples of its steps are including procedure changes, employee training, and installation of signs and warning labels. Administrative controls do not remove hazards, but limit or prevent peoples exposure to the hazards, such as completing road construction  at night when fewer people are driving. 4.4.5Personal Protective Equipment Personal protective equipment  (PPE) includes gloves,  respirators, hard hats,  safety glasses,  high-visibility clothing, and safety footwear. PPE is the least effective means of controlling hazards because of the high potential for damage to render PPE ineffective. Moreover, some PPE, such as respirators, increase physiological effort to complete a task and, therefore, may require medical examinations to ensure workers can use the PPE without risking their health 4.5  RELEVANT OSH LEGISLATION AND REGULATION The legislation and regulation for occupational, safety and health need to be obey for every processing plant. The act and regulations ensuring both employer and employees to take safety and health issue in working area seriously. Safety and health objective is to provide a good safe working condition and to control plant or factory operation with respect to the safety, health and welfare of the employer and employee. The regulations need to be follow which is The Factory Act 1948 and Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard (CIMA) 1996. Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989. As stated under OSHA 1994 regulation is Employer’s Safety and Health General Policy Statement 1995, Control of Industrial Major Accidents Hazards 1996, Safety and Health Committee 1996, Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Hazardous Chemical 1997, Safety and Health Officer 1997 and Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemical Hazardous to Health 2000. Duty to implement s afety and health act are under responsible of both employer and employees and Occupational Safety and Health Act OSHA 1994 summarized the duties of employer and employees as below. Duties of Employer: Provide and maintain safe plant and system of work Make arrangement for safe use operation, handling, storage, and transportation of plant and substances. Provide instruction, information, training and supervision. Provide and maintain safe pace of work and means of access to and egress from any place of work. Provide and maintain safe and Healthy working environment and adequate welfare facilities. Duties of Employees: Reasonable care for safety and health him/herself and others. Co-operate with employer and others. Wear and use PPE. 4.6  MAJOR EQUIPMENT AND POTENTIAL INCIDENT IN PROCESS PLANT Table 4.5: HIRARC Major Equipment in Process Plant Table 4.6: HIRARC Potential Incident in Process Plant Hazard Identification Risk Analysis Risk Control No Hazard Identifies Potential Accident Accident Consequent Types of injury Likelihood Severity Risk (Likelihood x Severity) Preventive Control measure Person in charge 1 Piping Leakage, Rupture Explosion Fatalities 4 4 16 (High) Detector Preventive Maintenance Installation, Operation and Maintenance

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Issues and Challenges of Logistics in Malaysia: a Perspective

In the Asia Pacific region, the potential for growth in logistics is very promising. Although Malaysia's economic growth rate is increasing, but advances in logistical in this country is still on modest level. Under the Third Industrial Master Plan (IMP3), which was launched in 2006, Malaysia’s logistics development were charted carefully and diligently as to keep on pace with other countries in South East Asia. However, Malaysia is still lagging behind neighbour countaries such as Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam on transportation, bureaucratic and logistical issues. These issues need to be improve so that Malaysia can compete with these three countaries. Major Comments : Author Assumptions Transport and Logistics issues The production possibilites frontier (PPF) is the boundary between those combinations of goods and services that can be produced and those that cannot produce. In this issues, logistics development are the production and the problem are poor transport infrastructure, underdeveloped transport and logistics services and slow and costly bureaucratic procedures are the big issues that gives high logistics cost in Malaysia. Furthermore, the use of technology also needed in order to make some improvements to make logistics more efficient. Almost 20 years, Malaysia still trying to reduce transport and logistics cost. However, increasing in imports and exports but storage capasity in Malaysia are not well improve gives big impact to economics growth in Malaysia. This causes demand and supply are cannot be fulfil. Eventhough Malaysia adding new berths but Malaysia still cannot cope with increasing amount of space available on both depots and depots which causes Maritim still not fully efficient. In these issues, we must build as many as the new berths in order to maintain high capasity. For multimodal transport issues, Malaysia uses containers for the maritime part of trips, loading and unloading them in the ports rather at the origin and destination of their cargo. This eliminates the main cost-saving advantages of container use. However, poor transport infrastructure makes are hard its hard for unloaded. This is because road and rail infrastructure are not so good especially in East Malaysia. Furthermore, trade documentation in customs clearances need to be simplified in order to reduce port congestion. In addition, freight forwarding industry are still underdeveloped with only 10% of trade-related transport services uses this way. This causes demand and supply are not meet in positive ways. The high costs of land access to ports, reinforced by the effects of production agglomeration, have caused an excessive concentration of export-related activities in port cities and essentially restricted the benefits of trade growth to the areas immediately surrounding ports. However, if the benefits of trade are to be more widely distributed, the penalties of inaccessibility need to be addressed. Such action could not only stimulate trade-induced growth in currently inaccessible areas, but if successful, this could reduce and slower the growth of trade-induced urban congestion and pollution in port cities. Analysis In IMP3, specific targets has been set for the logistics industry which is to grow at 8. 6% during the 15-year plan’s period. In the other hand, logistic industry shall contribute 12. 1 to GDP (Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar, KDNK) by 2020. Moreover, Malaysian ports shall handle 36 millions TEUs (container) by 2020, 2. 4 million tonnes for air freight and 18. 6 million tonnes for rail freight. Author Suggestion on Improvement In order to make improvement in logistics development, the Goverment needs to addressed few things such as Domestic Integration, Private Sector Collaboration and Regulatory Environment for Transportation. For Domestic Integration, transportation services should be improved especially road, waterways and railways in East Malaysia. For example through postharvest services, cargo consolidation through farmer or business associations, information on prices and market demand, access to credits and human skills. In the other hand, the needs of quality logistics for high-value products needs to improve. Such as freight forwarding, 3PL, warehousing, storage, packaging, e-business use and tracking services. Private sector are tend to more competetive than public sector. To encourage private sector collaboration, the Government has established the Malaysia Logistics Council (MLC) in January 2007 which is: i. To provide leadership and serve as a focal point to address all issues relating to the development of the industry, ii. Monitor and coordinate implementation of programs and activities of the respective Agencies/Authorities at both Federal and State levels involved in the development of the industry, iii. Steer research and training activities of the Center of Excellence for Logistics and Supply Chain and iv. Streamline strategies and policies governing the logistics industry which cuts across several implementing authorities. Minor Comments (Figures) 1. Logistics Development Supply When Logistics industry increases, the supply curve shifts rightward 2. Maritime Issues However, whe n Storage capacity cannot cope with the space available make supply decreases, thus the supply curve shifts leftward. 3. Multimodal Transport Failure in multimodal transport for loading and unloading are decreases, the supply curve shifts leftward. . Ports and Land Access When Ports and Land Access are not fully functional, the the supply curve shifts leftward. 5. Air Freight The decreases in Air Freight operations makes the supply curve shifts leftwards. Conclusions The needs of major improvement need to be done in order to improve logistics arrangements such as ports and infrastructure, freight management, connectivity and usage of technology. Malaysia will continue to review and undertake progressive liberalisation of its services industry taking into account domestic capability as well as to enhance competitiveness at the global and regional levels. References: * * *

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The Return: Midnight Chapter 35

Elena felt as if she had been doing nothing in al her life except walk under a shady canopy of high branches. It wasn't cold here, but it was cool. It wasn't dark, but it was dim. Instead of the constant crimson sunlight from the bloated red sun in the first Dark Dimension, they were walking in a constant dusk. It was unnerving, always looking up for the sky and never seeing the moon – or moons – or the planet – that might well be up there. Rather than sky, there was nothing but tangled tree branches, clearly heavy and so intricately entwined as to take up every bit of space above. Was she crazy, thinking that maybe they were on that moon, the diamond bright tiny moon that you could see from the outside of the Nether World Gatehouse? Was it too tiny to have an atmosphere? Too smal for proper gravity? She had noticed that she felt lighter here and that even Bonnie's steps seemed quite long. Could she†¦? She tensed her legs, let go of Stefan's hand, and jumped. It was a long jump, but it hadn't taken her anywhere near the canopy of woven branches above. And she didn't land neatly on her toes, either. Her feet flew out from under her on mil ennia of leaf mold and she skidded on her rear end for maybe three feet, before she could dig her fingers and feet in and stop. â€Å"Elena! Are you All right?†She could hear Stefan and Bonnie cal ing from behind her, and a quick, impatient: Are you crazy? from Damon. â€Å"I was trying to figure out where we were by testing the gravity,†she said, standing up on her own and brushing leaves off the seat of her jeans, mortified. Damn! Those leaves had gone up the back of her T-shirt, had even gotten inside her camisole. The group had left most of their furs behind at the Gatehouse, where Sage could guard them, and Elena didn't even have spare clothes. That had been stupid, she told herself angrily now. Embarrassed, she tried to walk and shimmy at the same time, to get the crumbled leaves out of her top. Final y she had to say, â€Å"Just a second, everybody. Guys, could you turn around? Bonnie, could you come back here and help me?†Bonnie was glad to help and Elena was astonished at how long it took to pick gunk away from her own flinching back. Next time you want a scientific opinion, try asking, Damon's scornful telepathy commented. Aloud, he added, â€Å"I'd say it's about eighty percent Earth's gravity here and we could well be on a moon. Doesn't signify. If Sage hadn't helped us with this compass, we'd never be able to find the tree's trunk – at least not in time.† â€Å"And remember,†Elena said, â€Å"that the idea that the star bal is near the trunk is just a guess. We have to keep our eyes open!† â€Å"But what should we look for?†Once, Bonnie would have wailed this. Now she simply asked quietly. â€Å"Well†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Elena turned to Stefan. â€Å"It wil look bright, won't it? Against this horrible half-light?† â€Å"This horrible camouflage-green half-light,†Stefan agreed. â€Å"It should look like a slightly shifting bright light.† â€Å"But put it like this,†Damon said, walking backward graceful y and flashing his old 250-kilowatt smile for a second at them. â€Å"If we don't fol ow Sage's suggestion, we'l never find the trunk. If we try to wander randomly around this world, we wil never find anything – including our way back. And then not only Fel ‘s Church, but we wil al die, in this order. First, we two vampires wil break with al civilized behavior, as starvation – â€Å" â€Å"Stefan won't,†cried Elena, and Bonnie said, â€Å"You're just as bad as Shinichi, with his ‘revelations'about us!† Damon smiled subtly. â€Å"If I were as bad as Shinichi, little redbird, you would already be punctured like an empty juice box – or I would be sitting back with Sage, enjoying Black Magic – â€Å" â€Å"Look, this is pointless,†Stefan said. Damon feigned sympathy. â€Å"Maybe you have†¦problems†¦in the canine area, but I do not, little brother.†He deliberately held the smile this time so everyone could see his pointed teeth. Stefan wouldn't be baited. â€Å"And it's holding us up – â€Å" â€Å"Wrong, little brother. Some of us have mastered the art of speaking and walking at the same time.† â€Å"Damon – stop it! Just stop!†Elena said, rubbing her hot forehead with cold fingers. Damon shrugged, Stillmoving backward. â€Å"You only had to ask,†he said, with just the slightest emphasis on the first word. Elena said nothing in return. She felt feverish. It wasn't al just straight walking. Frequently there were huge mounds of knotted roots in their way that had to be climbed. Sometimes Stefan had to use the axe from his backpack to make footholds. Elena had come to hate the deep green demi-light more than anything. It played tricks on her eyes, just as the muffled sound of their feet on the leaf-strewn ground played tricks on her ears. Several times she stopped – and once Stefan did – to say, â€Å"There's someone else here! Fol owing us!† Each time they had al stopped and listened intently. Stefan and Damon sent telepathic probes of Power as far as they could reach, seeking another mind. But either it was so well disguised as to be invisible or it didn't exist at all. And then, after Elena felt as if she had been walking her whole life, and would keep walking until eternity ended, Damon stopped abruptly. Bonnie, just behind him, sucked in her breath. Elena and Stefan hurried forward to see what it was. What Elena saw made her say, unsteadily, â€Å"I think maybe we missed the trunk and†¦found†¦the edge†¦Ã¢â‚¬  On the ground in front of her and as far as she could see, was the star-studded darkness of space. But washing out the light of the stars was a huge planet and two huge moons, one swirled blue and white and one silver. Stefan was holding her hand, sharing the wonder with her, and tingles ran up her arm and into her suddenly weak knees, just from his feather-light touch on her fingers. Then Damon said caustical y, â€Å"Look up.† Elena did and gasped. For just an instant her body was completely unmoored. She and Stefan automatical y wound their arms around each other. And then Elena realized what they were seeing, both above and below. â€Å"It's water,†she said, staring at the pool spread out before them. â€Å"One of those freshwater seas Sage told us about. And not a ripple on it. Not a breath of wind.† â€Å"But it does look as if we're on that smal est moon,†Stefan said mildly, his eyes deceptively innocent as he looked at Damon. â€Å"Yes, Well, then there's something exceedingly heavy at the core of this moonlet, to al ow for eight-tenths the gravity we normal y experience, and to hang on to so much atmosphere – but who cares about logic? This is a world we reached through the Nether World. Why should logic apply?†He looked at Elena with slightly narrowed, hooded eyes. â€Å"Where is the third one? The grave one?† The voice came from behind them – Elena thought. She was – they al were – turning from looking at bril iant light into half-darkness. Everything shimmered and danced before her eyes. â€Å"Grave Meredith; laughing Bonnie; And Elena with golden hair. They whisper and then are silent†¦ They plot and I no longer care†¦ But I must have Elena, Elena with the Golden Hair†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Well, you're not going to have me!†cried Elena. â€Å"And that poem is a complete misquote, anyway. I remember it from freshman English class. And you're crazy! â€Å"Even through her anger and fear she wondered about Fel ‘s Church. If Shinichi was here, could he bring about the Last Midnight there? Or could Misao simply set it off with a languid wave? â€Å"But I will have you, golden Elena,†the kitsune said. Both Stefan and Damon had knives out. â€Å"That's just where you're wrong, Shinichi,†Stefan said. â€Å"You wil never, ever touch Elena again.† â€Å"I have to try. You've taken everything else.† Elena's heart was pounding now. If he'l talk sense to any of us, he'l talk to me, she thought. â€Å"Shouldn't you be getting ready for the Last Midnight, Shinichi?†she asked in a friendly tone, inwardly trembling in case he should say, â€Å"It's already over.† â€Å"She doesn't need me. She wouldn't protect Misao. Why should I help Her?† For a moment Elena couldn't speak. She? She? Other than Misao, what other She was involved in this? Damon had a crossbow out now, with a quarrel loaded in it. But Shinichi just went rambling on. â€Å"Misao couldn't move anymore. She had put al her Power into her star bal , you see. She never laughed or sang any longer – never made up any plots with me. She just†¦sat. â€Å"Final y she asked me to put her into myself. She thought we'd become one that way. So she dissolved and merged right into me. But it didn't help. Now†¦I can barely hear her. I've come to get my star bal . I've been using its energy to travel through the dimensions. If I put Misao into my star bal , she'l recover. Then I'l hide it again – but not where I left it last. I'l put it farther up where no one else wil ever find it.†He seemed to focus on his listeners. â€Å"So I guess it's Misao and I who are talking to you right now. Except that I'm so lonely – I can't feel her at all.† â€Å"You wil not touch Elena,†Stefan said quietly. Damon was looking grimly at the rest of the group at Shinichi's words, â€Å"†¦I'l put it farther up†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Go on, Bonnie, keep moving,†Stefan added. â€Å"You too, Elena. We'l fol ow.† Elena let Bonnie go some feet ahead before saying telepathical y, We can't break up, Stefan; there's only one compass. Watch out, Elena! He might hear you! came Stefan's voice, and Damon added flatly, Shut up! â€Å"Don't bother tel ing her to shut up,†Shinichi said. â€Å"You're mad if you think that I can't just pick your thoughts right out of your minds. I didn't think you were that stupid.† â€Å"We're not stupid,†Bonnie said hotly. â€Å"No? Then did you figure out my riddles for you?† â€Å"This is hardly the time for that,†Elena snapped. It was a mistake, for it caused Shinichi to focus on her again. â€Å"Did you tel them what you think about the tragedy of Camelot, Elena? No, I didn't think you'd have the courage. I'l tel them, then, shal I? I'l read it as you put it in your diary.† â€Å"No! You can't have read my diary! Anyway – it's no longer applicable! â€Å"Elena flared. â€Å"Let me see†¦these are your own words now.†He assumed a reading voice. ‘Dear Diary, one of Shinichi's riddles was what I thought of Camelot. You know, the legend of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the knight she loved, Lancelot. And here's what I thought. A lot of innocent people died and were miserable because three selfish people – a king, a queen, and a knight – couldn't behave in a civilized way. They couldn't understand that the more you love, the more you find to love. But those three couldn't give in to love and just share – al three of them†¦'† â€Å"Shut up!†screamed Elena. â€Å"Shut up!† My God, Damon said, my life just lapped itself. So did mine. Stefan sounded dizzy. Just forget about all of it, Elena told them. It's not true anymore. Stefan, I'm yours forever, and I always was. And right now w e've got to get rid of this bastard, and run for the trunk. â€Å"Misao and I used to do that,†Shinichi said. â€Å"Talk alone together on a special frequency. You're certainly a good manipulator, Elena, to keep them from kil ing each other over you.† â€Å"Yes, it's a special frequency I cal the truth,†Elena said. â€Å"But I'm not half as good a manipulator as Damon is. Now attack us or let us go away. We're in a hurry!† â€Å"Attack you?†Shinichi seemed to be thinking over the idea. And then, faster than Elena could track it, he went for Bonnie. The vampires, who had been expecting him to try to get to Elena, were caught off guard, but Elena, who had seen the flicker of his eyes toward the weaker girl, was already diving for him. He moved back so quickly that she found herself heading for his legs, but then she realized she had a chance to throw him off balance. She deliberately went for a headbutt with his kneecap, at the same time stabbing deep into his foot with her knife. Forgive me, Bonnie, she thought, knowing what he would do. It was the same as what he'd had his puppet, Damon, do when he'd held Elena and Matt hostage before – except that he didn't need a pine branch to direct the pain. Black energy erupted directly from his hands into Bonnie's smal body. But there was another factor he hadn't taken into account. When he'd had Damon attack Matt and Elena he'd had the sense to keep away from them while directing agony into their bodies. This time, he'd seized Bonnie and wrapped his arms around her. And Bonnie was a most excel ent telepath herself, especial y at projecting. When the first wave of agony hit her, she screamed – and redirected the pain toward Shinichi. It was like completing a circuit. It didn't hurt Bonnie any less, but it meant that anything Shinichi did to her he felt in his own body, amplified by Bonnie's terror. That was the system that Elena slammed into as hard as she could. When her head impacted with his knee, his kneebone was the more fragile of the two, and something inside it crackled. Dazed, she concentrated on twisting the knife she'd stabbed through his foot and into the soil below. It wouldn't have worked if she hadn't had two extremely agile vampires right behind her. Since Shinichi didn't fal over, she would just have been putting her neck at the perfect level for him to snap cleanly. But Stefan was only a split second behind her. He seized her and was out of Shinichi's reach before the kitsune could even assess the situation properly. â€Å"Let me go,†Elena gasped at Stefan. She was determined to get Bonnie. â€Å"I left my knife,†she added craftily, finding a more concrete reason for forcing Stefan to let her back into the fray. â€Å"Where?† â€Å"In his foot, of course.† She could feel Stefan trying not to laugh out loud. â€Å"I think that's a good place to leave it. Take one of mine,†he added. If you've quite finished your little chat, you might get rid of his tails, came Damon's cold telepathy. At that moment Bonnie passed out, but with her own telepathic circuits Stillwide open and directed back toward Shinichi. And now Damon had gone into offensive mode, as if he cared nothing about Bonnie's well-being, as long as he could get through her to Shinichi. Stefan, quick as a striking snake, went for one of the many tails that now waved behind Shinichi, advertising his tremendous Power. Most of them were translucent, and they surrounded his real tail – the flesh-and-blood tail that every fox had. Stefan's knife went snick and one of the phantom tails fel to the ground and then disappeared. There was no blood, but Shinichi keened in fury and pain. Damon, meanwhile, was ruthlessly attacking from the front. As soon as Stefan had distracted the kitsune from the back, Damon slashed both Shinichi's wrists – one quickly on the upstroke, the other just as fast on the down-stroke. Then he went for a body blow just at the moment that Stefan, with Elena held like a baby on his hip, snicked away another phantom tail. Elena was struggling. She was seriously worried that Damon would kill Bonnie to get to Shinichi. And besides, she herself would not be toted around like a piece of luggage! Civilization had tumbled down al around her and she was reacting from her deepest instincts: protect Stefan, protect Bonnie, protect Fel ‘s Church. Put the enemy down. She hardly realized that in her heightened state she had sunk her unfortunately Still-human teeth into Stefan's shoulder. He winced slightly, but he listened to her. All right! Try to get Bonnie, then – see if you can ease her. He let go of her just as Shinichi whirled to deal with him, channeling the black pain that, back on Earth, had flung Matt and Elena off their feet in seizures, directly toward Stefan. Elena, just released, found that everyone was making a half turn, as if to oblige her, and suddenly she saw a chance. She snatched at the limp form of Bonnie, and Shinichi dropped the smal er girl into her arms. Words were echoing in Elena's brain. Get Bonnie. See if you can ease her. Well, she had Bonnie now. Her own sense split Stefan's two orders with another – get her away from Shinichi. She's the priceless hostage. Elena found that she could almost scream with fury even now. She had to keep Bonnie safe – but that meant leaving Stefan, gentle Stefan, at the mercy of Shinichi. She scrambled away with Bonnie – so smal and light – and at the same time threw a backward glance at Stefan. He was wearing a slight frown of concentration now, but he was not only not overwhelmed with pain, he was pressing forward the attack. Even though Shinichi's head was on fire. The bril iant crimson tips of his black hair had burst into flames, as if nothing else would express his enmity and his certainty of winning. He was crowning himself with a flaming garland, a hel ish halo. Elena's anger at that turned into chil s down her spine as she watched something most people never lived to analyze: two vampires attacking together, perfectly in sync. There was the elemental savagery in it of a pair of raptors or wolves, but there was also the awesome beauty of two creatures working as a single, unified body. The distance in Stefan's and Damon's expressions said that this was a fight to the death. The occasional frown from Stefan or vicious smile from Damon meant that Shinichi was sending his searing dark Power through one or the other of them. But these weren't weak humans Shinichi was playing with now. They were both vampires with bodies that healed almost instantly – and vampires who had both fed recently – from her – Elena. Her extraordinary blood was feuling them now. So I'm already a part of this, Elena thought. I'm helping them right now. That would have to satisfy the savagery this no-holds-barred fight elicited in her. To ruin the perfect synchronicity with which the two vampires were handling Shinichi would be a crime, especial y when Bonnie was Stilllimp in her arms. As humans, we're both liabilities, she thought. And Damon wouldn't hesitate to tel me so, even if al I wanted was to get in one single stroke. Bonnie, come on, Bonnie, she thought. Hold on to me. We're getting farther away. She picked up the smal er girl under the armpits and dragged her. She backed up into the olive dimness that stretched in al directions. When she tripped over a root and accidental y sat down, she decided that she'd gone far enough, and maneuvered Bonnie into her lap. Then she cupped her hands around Bonnie's little heart-shaped face and she thought of the most soothing things she could imagine. A cool plunge at Warm Springs back home. A hot bath at Lady Ulma's and then a four-handed massage, lying comfortably on a drying couch with the scent of floral incense rising around her. A cuddle with Saber in Mrs. Flowers's informal den. The decadence of sleeping late and waking up in her own bed – with her own mother and father and sister in the house. As Elena thought of this last, she couldn't help giving a tiny gasp, and a teardrop fel onto Bonnie's forehead. Bonnie's eyelashes fluttered. â€Å"Now, don't you be sad,†she whispered. â€Å"Elena?† â€Å"I've got you, and nobody's going to hurt you again. Do you Stillfeel bad?† â€Å"A little. But I could hear you, in my mind, and it made me feel better. I want a long bath and a pizza. And to hold baby Adara. She can almost talk, you know. Elena – you're not listening to me!† Elena wasn't. She was watching the denouement of the fight between Stefan and Damon and Shinichi. The vampires had the kitsune down now and were squabbling over him like a couple of fledglings over a particularly tasty worm. Or maybe like a pair of baby dragons – Elena wasn't sure if birds hissed at each other. â€Å"Oh, no – yuck!†Bonnie saw what Elena was watching and col apsed, hiding her head against Elena's shoulder. Okay, Elena thought. I get it. There's no savagery at allin you, is there, Bonnie? Mischief, but nothing like bloodlust. And that's good. Even as she thought this, Bonnie abruptly sat up straight, bumping Elena's chin, and pointing into the distance. â€Å"Wait!†she cried. â€Å"Do you see that?† That was a very bright light, which flared brighter as each vampire found a place to his liking on Shinichi's body and bit simultaneously. â€Å"Stay here,†Elena said, a little thickly, because when Bonnie had bumped her chin she'd accidental y bitten her tongue. She ran back to the two vampires and knocked them as hard as she could over the heads. She had to get their attention before they got completely locked into feeding mode. Not surprisingly, Stefan detached first, and then helped her to pul Damon off his defeated enemy. Damon snarled and paced, never taking his eyes off Shinichi as the beaten kitsune slowly sat up. Elena noticed drops of blood scattered around. Then she saw it, tucked into Damon's belt, black and crimson-tipped and sleek: Shinichi's real tail. Savagery fled†¦fast. Elena wanted to hide her head against Stefan's shoulder but instead turned up her face for a kiss. Stefan obliged. Then Elena stepped back so that they formed a triangle around Shinichi. â€Å"Don't even think of attacking,†Damon said pleasantly. Shinichi gave a weak shrug. â€Å"Attack you? Why bother? You'l have nothing to go back to, even if I die. The children are pre-programmed to kil . But† – with sudden vehemence – â€Å"I wish we'd never come to your damned little town at all – and I wish we'd never fol owed Her orders. I wish I'd never let Misao near Her! I wish we hadn't – â€Å"He stopped speaking suddenly. No, it was more than that, Elena thought. He froze, eyes wide open and staring. â€Å"Oh, no,†he whispered. â€Å"Oh, no, I didn't mean that! I didn't mean it! I have no regrets – â€Å" Elena had the feeling of something coming at them at tremendous speed, so fast, in fact, that she just had time to open her mouth before it hit Shinichi. Whatever it was, it kil ed him cleanly and passed by without touching anyone else. Shinichi fel facedown onto the dirt. â€Å"Don't bother,†Elena said softly, as Stefan reflexively moved toward the corpse. â€Å"He's dead. He did it to himself.† â€Å"But how?†Stefan and Damon demanded in chorus. â€Å"I'm not the expert,†Elena said. â€Å"Meredith is the expert on this. But she told me that kitsune could only be kil ed by destroying their star bal s, shooting them with a blessed bul et†¦or by the ‘Sin of Regret.'Meredith and I didn't know what that meant back then – it was before we had even gone into the Dark Dimension. But I think we just now saw it in action.† â€Å"So you can't be a kitsune and regret anything you've done? That's – harsh,†Stefan said. â€Å"Not at all,†Damon said crisply. â€Å"Although, if it had operated for vampires, no doubt you would have been permanently dead when you woke up in the family vault.† â€Å"Earlier,†Stefan said expressionlessly. â€Å"I regreted striking you a mortal blow, even as I was dying. You've always said I feel too guilty, but that is one thing I would give my life to take back.† There was a silence that stretched and stretched. Damon was at the front of the group now, and no one but Bonnie could see his face. Suddenly Elena grabbed Stefan's hand. â€Å"We Stillhave a chance!†she told him. â€Å"Bonnie and I saw something bright that way! Let's run!†He and Elena passed Damon running and he grabbed Bonnie's hand too. â€Å"Like the wind, Bonnie!† â€Å"But with Shinichi dead – Well, do we real y have to find his star bal or the biggest star bal or whatever is hidden in this awful place?†Bonnie asked. Once, she would have whined, Elena thought. Now, despite whatever pain she felt, she was running. â€Å"We do have to find it, I'm afraid,†Stefan said. â€Å"Because from what he said, Shinichi wasn't at the top of the ladder after al . He and his sister were working for someone, someone female. And whoever She is, She may be attacking Fel ‘s Church right now.† â€Å"The odds have just shifted,†Elena said. â€Å"We have an unknown enemy.† â€Å"But Still – â€Å" â€Å"Al bets,†Elena said, â€Å"are off.†

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Tense Use in Academic Writing Past, Present and Future

Tense Use in Academic Writing Past, Present and Future Tense Use in Academic Writing: Past, Present and Future While the dreary constraints of physical reality mean that we’re stuck in the present for all practical purposes, in speech or writing we can skip from past to present to future at will. To do this, you’ll need to master the past, present and future tense. These grammatical tenses are useful in all kinds of writing, but here we’ll focus on their use in academic work. What is Grammatical Tense? Before anything else, we need to quickly clarify what we mean by â€Å"grammatical tense.† The main thing you need to know is that the form of the verb in a sentence changes depending on when the action described occurs. As such, by modifying a sentence to adjust the tense, we can change its meaning: Present Tense: Alfred burns the cakes. Past Tense: Alfred burned the cakes. Future Tense: Alfred will burn the cakes. In the first example, the present tense verb â€Å"burns† suggests that it’s happening now. The past tense verb â€Å"burned†, however, shows that it has already happened. And by adding the helping verb â€Å"will,† we can instead suggest that the action is going to happen in the future. Looks like the dog will eat them anyway. The examples above are the simple forms of each of these tenses. There are many variations on these, however, so it’s worth checking how each form differs in practice. The Past Tense in Academic Writing In an academic paper, you could use the past tense to show that an idea is not widely accepted any more. In the following, for instance, the past tense â€Å"claimed† and â€Å"has since been disputed† both signal that the study no longer applies: Cook and Moore (1964) originally claimed that profane language is amusing, although this has since been disputed by many experts. Pete and Dud: Pioneering researchers in the profane. The past tense is also commonly used in academic writing when describing the methods used in an experiment that has already been conducted: The sample was tested using several techniques. Some colleges have specific instructions for how a methodology chapter should be written, though, so make sure to check for rules about tense use in your style guide. The Present Tense in Academic Writing The present tense is dominant in most forms of academic work, since it applies when writing about current events or states of being. This includes describing: Existing facts and theories (e.g., â€Å"Profane language is common among young people†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ) The findings of a study (e.g., â€Å"The results demonstrate that†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ) The opinions or claims of other thinkers (e.g., â€Å"Cook and Moore argue that†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ) The present tense is usually correct even when describing a study that happened in the past, as long as the conclusions are still relevant in the present. The Future Tense in Academic Writing The future tense is less common in academic writing, but it still has a couple of important roles. One is in research proposals, since you’ll need to describe your research aims, predictions about results, and the methods you intend to use: This study will examine the role of profane language in comedy. We predict that profane language will be considered hilarious by the majority of respondents. The future tense is also useful when recommending fresh avenues of research or suggesting how the results of a study could be applied: Our study suggests that further research should be conducted into the increasing use of profane language in everyday life. The crucial thing is that the future tense is used when describing something that hasn’t yet happened or that is expected to occur in the future. Think of it as academic fortune telling. Or dont.(Photo: David Shankbone)

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Innnovation Robert Rauschenbeg essays

Innnovation Robert Rauschenbeg essays The Innovation of Robert Rauschenberg The artwork of Robert Rauschenberg was constantly changing and fresh, well ahead of its time. It inspired Pop Art, Minimalism and much of the work that many people today do with computers. As well, Rauschenberg challenged the ideas of pre-conceived artwork as well as ideas about authorship and how one creates the work. Beyond his impact on the artwork, his impact on a social level was also accountable. His artwork contained many images from television and newspapers that were familiar to the public eye. By incorporating such imagery he could make his impacts heavy in both the artistic world and the social world. Robert Rauschenberg was born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1925. As he grew up he imagined himself first becoming a minister, later, a pharmacist. In the end, he would become one of the most influential Artists America saw. Using his techniques for silk screening, image transfer and painting, he would bridge the gap between Abstract Expressionism and American Pop art. Robert Rauschenberg was inducted into the military service in 1947, this is where he was to find his knack for drawing. While serving in the Marines he noticed he had an affliction for depicting everyday people and objects in an artistic manner. After he left the Marines he studied art in Paris on the G.I. Bill. However, he became disenchanted with the whole European art scene rather quickly. After less than a year he moved back to the United States to study in North Carolina, at Black Mountain College. Black Mountain College was a very productive place for modern art at the time, many of the nations most visionary artists and thinkers were teaching there. Some of which include Joseph Albers and Buckminster Fuller. It was much in character for Rauschenberg to again feel the need for something new and intriguing, so he left Black Mountain for New York to take his stab at making it as a pa ...

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Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 4

Politics - Essay Example Swayed by the European lines of thought, these parties managed to grow in numbers since they appealed mostly to the oppressed people as well as the distressed workers in the country. They successfully managed to field candidates throughout the nation in numerous elected positions for the next several years. However, towards the beginning of the 1920’s, these socialist movements faced severe resistance and condemnation from the government and eventually broke off the movement. The parties ceased to attract numbers to support its cause in the beginning of the early 20th century, though the Socialist Labor Party remained alive until the end of the 20th century. Socialism refers to a system whereby the ownership and control of majority of assets in a given country is granted to the central government. The United States, unlike other countries such as Japan and Germany, has not employed this system of running the economy. Though the system has worked very well in the above mentioned countries, the United States continues to thrive well without its enforcement. Politically, socialist parties in the United States began fairing very poorly in the run up to the general elections. For instance, in the year 2008, socialist candidates and their parties received less than two of the three socialist candidates (Caramani pg. 201). This is way below what other socialist candidates in other nations receive. In Germany for example, socialist parties gathered close to 50% of the total votes cast in each successive election since the 1970’s. There are several theories, however, that explain this phenomena in United States politics or governance. The United States has never had a feudal system. Other nations have had hierarchical systems which was lead from the top by a supreme deity while at the bottom of the system lay the commoner. Such systems were discriminatory in nature since it gave too much power to the person at the top at the expense of the common man at the bottom.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Sustainable Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sustainable Development - Essay Example This paper seeks to discuss how the potential impacts of climate change affect approaches to development and sustainability. Climate change and sustainable development relate in that; climate change is a natural science, driven process while sustainable development is a social and political science, driven process. The impacts of climate change have interfered with the approach towards sustainable development; this is because the discussions on the global context features issues of adaptation concerns while the impacts of climate change take place at the local level. Communities from different geographical areas, which experience drastic effects of climate change, should participate in the implementation process of international policy that is directed towards development and sustainability. Understandably, enough the impact of climate change, which essentially brings about social inequalities, can only be addressed if equity and justice are observed when implementing remedial measur es. An immediate mobilization of political and financial wills, to address climate change is not possible since the impacts of climate change are not readily felt or experienced. ... The above issues are problems in developing countries because of their â€Å"climate sensitive economies and concentrations of urban poor† (Osbahr 3). The impact of climate change affects the natural resources, which developing countries rely on for survival, and thus hinders the approaches geared towards development and sustainability. The impact of climate change has made livelihoods come up with multiple ways that would aid in bringing about sustainable development. A further analysis reveals that the autonomous adaptation designed to instigate sustainable development is inhibited with issues of â€Å"poverty, poor infrastructure and market opportunities†, these are impacts of climate change. It is important for national government eyeing to implement adaptive strategies that will enhance sustainable development to learn from local experiences. Additionally, impacts in climate change call for studies to be conducted with the objective of establishing how best adaptiv e strategies would work. The study is conducted by asking the question â€Å"is it possible to characterize successful adaptation actions that reduce livelihood and community vulnerability to climate-related disaster and climate change and variability?† (Osbahr 8). The extent to which a livelihood will cope and adapt depends on the vulnerability of the livelihood to the climate change. Furthermore, the results realized from the adaptive projects should reduce the impact on climate change, not reduce the chances of sustainable development. For instance, â€Å"success should reduce risks, not reduce future options, and build livelihood resilience† (Osbahr 8). Sustainable