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Ansewring qustions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ansewring qustions - Es opine sampleThere ar things that we know from our birth and they do not need to be proven anyhow. These things argon priori like 2+2 = 4, they do not need any evidences and explanation why it is so. The views of empiricists atomic number 18 quite opposite they think that only experience can give way to knowledge. All the suppositions, which are considered by rationalists to be priori, empiricists considered as trifling if they were not proved by experience (Blackburn).As for me I cant state that I agree with any of these theories, both of them are useful. Philosophy is a science, in which we cant find right or wrong opinions. However, I moldiness say that the views of empiricists are closer to my own views. The fact is that I do not believe in things I did not see with my own eyes. Thus, in my opinion, the experience is very important and every supposition must have its own evidence to become a statement. We can state something only if it was already proved and we have the proofs.2. Kant Why, for Kant, is the rationalist argument insufficient to explain knowledge? What does it mean to know something is a priori? How only does the connection between our reason and sensory impressions work? Be sure to include some material text based information including the role of synthetic a priori propositions?According to the great philosopher Immanuel Kant, it is useless to detain something without the evidences received from experience. Every statement should be proved with the help of experience. The theories based on such uprise like rationalist theories cant be helpful anyhow. Thus, further work was needed to be done in this direction. These views were reflected by the great philosopher in his work called the Critique of Pure Reason.According to Kant, the intelligence agency sensibility and the word sense are closely connected in meaning. That is why,

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Food and Wine Festivals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

provender and Wine Festivals - Essay ExampleThe feasts gather a sum of wide advantages in the life of an various(prenominal) as well as the concerned state or region. The festivals give way for popularity and fast make among the concourse of different nations. It gives a wide communal experience not only to those indigenous people but also to the visitors. The visitors will find similarities as well as dissimilarities that exist between their festivals and the festivals of some other regions.Local festivals pave way for an effective globalization and uniqueness in the locality could also be reached. Festivals turn everyday routine life to a special day mixed with different events such eating, dancing, singing, and drinking. As a result food and wine have become a common instrument in all kinds of festivals. This seems to give immense pleasure not only to visitors but also to the inhabitants. This has helped a lot in spreading wine culture.Various festivals show that has to sa y that festival tourist is the higher(prenominal) spending tourist that those who Come just for viewing the landscapes. Festivals help in strengthening tourism season. The job of a region is generated by festivals in terms of the rate of tickets, number of tickets sold and the travel outlay which a visitor is likely to spend.The local government receives special attention during festival seasons. A festival attracts investors, tourists, participants, sponsors as well media and this will finally lend more profit to the local government. The 2003 national comply of the state of affairs in cultural life shows that 10 million people participated and were among the age separate between 14-70. The economically consolidated country takes more chance in festivals in a queen-sized amount.

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Article #5 Joy in School by Steven Wolk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Article 5 Joy in School by Steven Wolk - Essay ExampleComing up with new things gives a student feel of importance. They become empowered and accustomed a chance to experience how demanding invention is (Wolk, 2010).Teachers should provide space in school and exhibit students original work. They can decide to place photographs of students against their work. A student comes up with ideas and teachers assistance to design and develop them. School space should be welcoming and lively. They give a feeling of license to learn than boredom and rigidity (Wolk, 2010). Students should have free areas where they can read from and discuss. They should be colorful to educate in a vibrant and joyful sight.Students should be allowed to spend some time outdoors and act with nature. Going for recess and having outdoor classes set them in a jovial mood. Reading of excellent books equivalent story books gives joy to students since they are not too serious books. Arts and gym classes should be considered as valuable as the other classes. Students have different talents, which can only be realized if given a chance. Assessment in school should be made more friendly experience (Wolk, 2010). Students should be helped to learn that failure is part of

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American Presidency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Presidency - Essay ExampleIn general, individually man who has held the position, has faced somewhat similar circumstances while holding the job, but have been pressure to approach them from an individualistic standpoint that stays true to their respective convictions, while outlining their legacies in the pages of the history books that future generations will uprise to read.As for the American Presidency, the following are listed under Article II of the US Constitution in regards to the issue of the role of the office of the Presidency and in particular the tools available to its resident physicianChief Diplomat Under the Constitution, the president has more authority over foreign policy than the former(a) branches of the government (but not sole authority). The president can negotiate treaties (with consent of the Senate), appoint diplomatic personnel, and has sole power to recognize governments.Commander-in-Chief The Constitution places the president as the theme of the armed forces of the United supposes. One office to look at this is that he is the general of the generals. This is important because it guarantees civil control over the military (something lose in many countries of the world). One of the last major challenges to the governing as commanderin-chief came when General douglas McArthur challenged Trumans policies during the Korean fight which led to President Trumans firing of McArthur.Chief Legislator No note of hand propos... Commander-in-Chief The Constitution places the president as the head of the armed forces of the United States. One way to look at this is that he is the general of the generals. This is important because it guarantees civilian control over the military (something missing in many countries of the world). One of the last major challenges to the presidency as commanderin-chief came when General douglas McArthur challenged Trumans policies during the Korean War which led to President Trumans firing of M cArthur.Chief Legislator No bill proposed by the congress can become a law without the presidents signature. Thus the president is also snarly in the process of legislation. But the Constitution mandates that the president from time to time inform the congress on the state of the union (the U.S.). By tradition, this has become a yearly event known as the State of the Union Address. Through this address the president helps to set legislative priorities for the coming year.(The Presidency, p.1).Different Presidents come into office at unalike times during the course of their nations history. Contrary circumstances that can lead different men in vastly different directions and lead them to having distinct Presidencies in their own right. In regards to what would alter a President to succeed, as well as what could make then fail, Two hundred geezerhood of our countrys history suggest that five qualities have been constants in the men who have most effectively carry through the oath of office. First, every successful president has had vision, insight, or understanding a clear idea of

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Graduate Book Review Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Graduate sustain Review - Assignment ExampleThe cover of the work documents the content of the book and what the author aims at depiction to the readers. With a boldly written title and clear subtitles on the themes inside, the reader can easily pursuit for the information required.The main thesis of the work involves the defining what is required by an individual in impairment of commercial enterprise intro, identifying the business that may hamper innovation, and then defining a solution. The work also indicates that newly ideas can be created from existing ones. Creativity is, therefore, key as far as business innovation is concerned. In the first chapter, for example, Murray explains that the first tread of business innovation must involve identifying the existing problem or an issue that is to be solved (31-60). It is in the course of business innovation that Murray indicates that there is urgency to get similar ideas from similar problems that have been existent befo re (61-62). This means that the business innovator must collect facts from what has been existent before, and then come up with a solution. The next step in business innovation involves connecting all the borrowed ideas and combining them to make a workable idea. In the next step, Murray explains that there is use up for patience so that the collected ideas can be given time to come up with solutions (101-139). intentness is, therefore, a requirement in business innovation. The fourth step as Murray recommends is the incubation process that allows for the decisions do to come up with a solution (141-176). Next is coming up with an approach that will appreciate the pluses and the half-heartednesses of the solutions incubated so as to assess if the decisions made were fruitful or not (178-210). Lastly, enhancing is a major step in the course of business innovation (211-255). This step allows for strengthening the strong points of the business idea and eliminating the weak points. Evidently,

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Quality in Customer Focussed Operations 232 Essay

Quality in Customer Focussed Operations 232 - Essay Examplet of the guild is international and local visitor, families and individual, who are looking for the high quality prepared meal as well as are health conscious, prefer to eat food with organic ingredient. The choice of the comp whatsoever has been made on the basis of its attraction and reputation to the domestic as well as globose customers. The order qualifiers for the company are availability of the fruits, in store service and brand image. On the another(prenominal) hand, order winners for the company are their pricing strategy. Sunrise has devised its product strategy according by potently emphasizing on the needs of their customers. The company thus offers wide range of finest product to cater to its change customer base.Ahire and OShaughnessy (2008) opined that, business organizer creates organizational value by supplying good quality product and services according to the prerequisite of their customers. The infl exible nature of demand and supply often leads to customers dissatisfaction and wastage of resources. The operational change is a technique that limits both incidence and consequence of demand-supply mismatch. Operational attention cultivate includes arrangement of resources in order to create appropriate mixture of inputs, which in turn, transforms into output within any operation. Thus, firms like Sunrise Food PLC needs to implement this technique to have better matches between demand and supply and thereby, enjoy a significant competitive advantage.The idea of operational process can be used through input-transformation-output model to analyse the core strategies at all three business take aim (Brauchle and Evans, 2008). These include the level of supply chain, level of operation and the level of process. It is basically a set of process in which business add value to the undergone inputs via transformational process, and sell the final product to the customers.The supply cha in management focus on combined impact from all aspects in product or services, from

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Consulting For Nursing Informatics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Consulting For agree Informatics - Assignment ExampleIn current times the traditional manual handling of data has been replaced by the automated handling of information collection, collation, distribution using computers and information technology tools giving betterment to the discipline of informatics, which applied to wellnesscare is health informatics. Health informatics integrates several fields like Informatics, Nursing, Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, and amicable and Consumer health, each being a specialty with overlap in some roles and tasks, but with the single verifiable of providing improved healthcare. There are several categories of trained personnel as applied to functions and tasks of nurses in health informatics informatics nurses have tasks in healthcare, nursing informatics have tasks in informatics, and informatics nurse specialists have higher knowledge and specialized skills, and have roles in higher functions. Consulting in the area of nursing informati cs requires a leadership position, a person who can plan, advice and execute nursing informatics projects downstairs complex situations of overall healthcare informatics. Thus nursing consultant has the role in leading, planning, development, integration, maintenance, overall management, anyhow regular skill up gradation through training, management of systems and resources, and a system which through its murder expresses the value of nurses in the system of healthcare. The consultant in nursing informatics should also cover the tasks of limiting management, and interface and coordinate with people across the organization from nurses to clinical departments across the healthcare system. Besides, consulting should also intromit coordination with service vendors for IT, identify problems and provide solutions, advise on up gradation of systems, and implement systems consistency with master copy standards.

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Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Research stem ExampleIt is an undeniable fact that the world is increasingly multicultural. Due to the integrations of business and the growing globalization that defines the replete(p) world economy, business faces a fundamental question of how they should define multiculturalism within their respective departments. The crux of this affair must necessarily be contingent upon to key factors. The first of these is with regards to what can be defined as a race and the second with what can be defined as ethnicity and culture. Although these two terms ar invariably misconstrued to be one in the same, and appropriate and applicable level of understanding with respect to distributively of these is necessary with regards to defining an understanding the characteristics of what a truly multicultural organization must engender. Firstly, it must be understood that one of the more nebulous of the concepts which has been discussed above is necessarily that of race. Ultimately, race has been used as bureau of categorizing humans by cultural, genetic, geographic, anatomical, linguistic, social, religious, or historical pith (Goby, 2007). As a function of this, the very explanation of race is something that sociologists and anthropologists continue to argue about. Due to the many determinants of race that exist, is oftentimes been decided that since no workings and square definition of what defines one and what defines another can readily be agreed upon, ethnicity, or the means by which an individual is defined as a result of culture and geographic origin, is a remote better identifier of people. Broadly speaking, race, and racial definitions is something that the stakeholder must integrate with whether or not they are of the opinion that much(prenominal) a definition is ultimately helpful. Due to the fact that the stakeholder is responsible not only for integrating straight with the society but also with explicating and defining the means by which past history h as taken dapple and continues impact upon the stakeholders within the workplace, race is not a topic that can merely be brushed aside and deemed as a prior an unsuccessful method of grouping individuals (Pinder, 2009). The fact of the matter is that level off as academia and society as a whole differs upon an approach and gustation for such a concept, it remains officeholder upon the manager/supervisor to continue to place a level and degree of centralize upon the importance that race necessarily engenders. Having a diverse representation of race within the workplace allows for the firm to be able to integrate with the perspectives and needs of an increasingly diverse consumer base (Usry & White, 2000). Moreover, by representing such a range of diversity within the firm, the multicultural aura of business and business competition will be bolstered to allow the firm to compete more effectively. Regardless of the potentially flawed an incomplete understanding and appreciation fo r how race impacts upon the individual and society that the workers within a particular industry might necessarily have, it is incumbent upon the manager/stakeholder to seek to distance himself/herself from any of these faulty pre-conceived and ultimately unscientific interpretations.

Strategy and practise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Strategy and practise - Essay ExampleStrategic decisions atomic number 18 concerned with the issue of setting a direction for the organisation to move or the course the organization will follow Though very crucial, yet preparing strategic moves for future often is not based on hard feature, but on presumptions. It involves medieval experience, forecasting and surround-effect. Strategic management can be set forth as what Bernard c every(prenominal)ed maintaining the organization in operation2. For any organization to function effectively three main aspects be criticalContribution from the concerned helps in widening the thoughts, assigning responsibilities helps in implementing and constantly monitoring the results and feedback helps in devising a still better strategy.It is said that organizations are not passive components. They are live, adequate of activity and environment-responsive like living beings. Organizations do acquire character and develop a typical reputation w ith time and we tend to make an image of the employee depending on the organization he/ she works for. This very temperament of the organization considerably influences the functions of the organization in the long run. For example we tend to remember some companies as employee friendly, as soundly paying, as investor friendly, as market friendly, as client friendly etc. depending upon their past performances and behavior. To meet and exceed customer satisfaction, the business team needs to follow an overall organizational strategy.traditionally maximizing profits has been considered to be the objective of any organization. Not any more.This criteria has been discarded. Now organizations are supposed to turn out multiple objectives, monetary as well as non-monetary. There are short-term objectives as well as long-term ones. Strategists are supposed to prioritize all such objectives, so that there is uncloudedness and ease of decision making in situations where there is an appare nt clash of objectives. Situations like these at time present riddleing times for organization. Failure doesnt come with a one off decision, in fact it is the result of continuous interactions in a system. It has structure and sequence. John Martin, CEO, Taco Bell says, When you are on the right road and the wind is behind you, you can make all kinds of mistakes.3 And the real test comes in overpowering these mistakes and taking corrective and preventive steps. Strategic intent cannot be planned all in advance. It has to be a continuous evolutionary process depending upon the experiences. Henry Ford say, Failure is the luck to begin again more intelligently4 Basic Building Blocks of Strategy1. Environment epitome2. Doing a SWOT Analysis3. Preparing a Business Policy.Environment Analysis It involves studying and analyzing the surroundings to range the competitors, the threats and opportunities. Maslows hierarchy of needs argued that the driving force for human actions is the urge for satisfaction of one or the otherwise need. These needs go on changing depending upon a number of factors. In fact the needs of consumer/ customer and those of the organization are inter-linked because organization too is an active component so needs of the

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Research arguementive essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

investigate arguementive - Essay Example at that place are several reasons why alcoholic drink should be illegalized the number of alcohol-related deaths per year, the blackball health grant that alcohol has on a persons body, personality, coherence, general well-being and the ablaze stress that alcohol users and their families go through. If making alcohol illegal were to be realized, our society would greatly service from it and become a better place to live in. intoxicant has some positive effects on a person when taken in moderation, which is about one drink in a wiz day. Some of these effects include reducing the chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, strokes and high cholesterol level. The positive effects are beneficial to a persons health and encourage healthy living. They might, therefore, convince passel that alcohol is good for the society but the likelihood of a person drinking it moderately is passing low. Alcohol is an addictive substance that once a p erson starts taking, he or she will intimately obviously drink more every day. This habit completely hinders the chances of experiencing the positive effects of taking alcohol and instead increases the harmful effects. This means that the risk overwhelms the benefits and therefore it is only the negative effects that remain eminent.There are many ways through which drinking alcohol excessively can harm your body. Alcohol damages body organs and systems that are needed for survival. It extremely damages the brain, liver, heart, immune system and pancreas (Palmera 29). To make matters worse, alcohol is a cancer-causing agent. Once alcohol is taken, it is immediately absorbed into the body and its effects are evidenced. To the brain, it causes extensive loss of memory and dizziness, effects which are harmful to the health of your body. Excessive alcohol consumption besides significantly affects the brains neurotransmitters and makes them inefficient in performing their functions. Th ese effects occurring on the neurotransmitters of the brain lots

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How Does Bullying Impact School Success Research Paper

How Does Bullying Impact School Success - Research Paper moralThe bullied students develop a great sense of fear that reduces their concentration and affects their psychological being. As results, such students may not be in a better position to concentrate in class and effect to their limit. Those in support of this status argue that the stability of the student and his/her ability to exist in a fear free environment affects the final performances of such students. Bullying impacts more mentally on a students stability and this creates excessive looking of fear on the victims thus making them unprotected in any situation (Ainer and Perry, 2003). The inability to counter the impacts of the bullies and punish such acts increases the prevalence of disrespect and slue to the available laws that goern students behavior inside the schoolhouses and colleges. The lack of intervention by the school administration results into loss of respect for fellow students and the teachers them selves. The bullies may develop a big man syndrome and the feeling that they are above the control of the school administration. As a result, they may continue in the protraction of their atrocities on fellow students without fear of being punished. This reduces the schools performance and respect as the victims may become more and more unprotected and vulnerable (Lohaus et al, 2002). In this evaluation, there are those who support the persuasion that the impacts of strong-arm on a schools performance emanates from the students end while others believed that the ineffectiveness it creates on the schools administration significantly affects it performance. Uncontrolled bullying in schools has been shown to go beyond the fields and the students extra period into studying hours. During... This report approves that the United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world with a outsize number of different racial groupings and classes. Bullying has been associated with div ersity especially from a racial and class perspective that makes the inferior class or race more susceptible to victimization. The prevalence of bullying in ethnically diverse schools has resulted into acts of aggression and retaliation by threatened races, which have caused significant harm to the aggressors and the victims. The schools are never spared from such racial wars as they fabric as a society that embraces diversity is tone apart. The chastisement of the institutions to address the growing ethnic and racial profiling and aggressive behaviors contribute to the emergence of racial blocks within schools as found within our prisons. Such groups develop aggressive tendencies towards each other and engage in violent activities to assert their authorities. This essay makes a conclusion that bullying is considered as one of the worst violent and cowardice acts committed by students on their colleagues intentionally thus causing considerable harm. The effects of bullying are wid espread affecting the aggressor, the victim, the witness and the school in equal measure. The school, as the custodian of the sureness over the overall students behavior has a number of responsibilities in ensuring safety over the students. However, widespread bullying erodes their authority and impacts significantly on the success of a learning institution.

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Law Enforcement Function Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Law Enforcement Function - assignment ExampleThere argon several measures towards approaching this model, and the count decreases at each step due to weakening. This model is crucial as it has been known to prevent the everyplacecrowding of the evil justice. This has an influence on the practice of law subdivision because the criminal justice starts with the crime being committed and a careful follow up on the crime is done (Reichel, 2002). Therefore, the fact that it prevents the overcrowding of the criminal justice shows that the number of trials decline and the overall number of people imprisoned reduces significantly. This has proved to save man hours, as well as money.The wedding patty model is an illustration on how different cases are grouped in a sequential elbow room according to their sensitivity, with the less sensitive case at the bottom and the more sensitive at the top. In a police department, the wedding has some influence as it follows the different layers to know the stand of the work bench (Reichel, 2002).The most sensitive cases attract different reactions from the public, which may give incorrect information about the criminal justice process. During the processing of the case, this model ensures that each layer is handled according to each individual and that similar cases are treated systematically, which is very helpful in a police department (Reichel, 2002).The third model is the winnings model, which is an illustration on why some cases never proceed to the court of law. In this model, a extend illustration is given on why some offenders are allowed to exit while others struggle provided to find themselves entrapped, and this is important in the police department (Reichel, 2002).The structure and procedure of a police department differ from crime adjudge model to due process models as illustrated hereunder. The purpose of the crime control department is to prevent department by all means by considering the safety of an indi vidual over the right of

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Juv. Deliquency - Assignments 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Juv. Deliquency - Assignments 3 - Essay ExampleWhat was the outcome of virtue enforcement efforts? If so, describe these efforts to the best of your ability, if not, should constabulary enforcement wear gotten involved?Police officers have used many informal techniques of social comprise (Bartollas & Schmalleger, 2014). With this, it is unmingled that the fairness enforcement was at whatever point was utilized in any manner to try and control delinquents behaviours. However, due to the fact that there are still many informal techniques that could be used along the way, then it is implied that the outcome might not be that promising at some point. In fact, the reason why there are many cases like those of Aylin Gutierrez is that the law enforcement whitethorn have failed to critically consider the bottom line of the social context linked to the delinquent behaviours of the concerned individual. For this reason, Aylin Gutierrez may have never received the relevant help coming fr om the law enforcement, because her case is relevant to a more personal consideration, which is linked to how her immediate environment, the family has contributed to her prevailing case of delinquent behaviours.As of the moment, the department of law enforcement had not effectively organised the juvenile crime prevention efforts (Bartollas & Schmalleger, 2014). This implies that Aylin had also not received much(prenominal) attention prior to how her delinquent behaviours could have been prevented at some point.In the first place, the case of Aylin is a bit too personal, but there was a form of abuse coming from her parents. In this manner, the law enforcement should have been involved. However, the law enforcement department did not have much knowledge about her case, because of the unavailability of feedbacks or remarkable opportunity to know the social events that are going on at every home. For this matter, in order for the law enforcement to get involved in preventing delinque nt

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Apple Marketing Strategy analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

apple Marketing Strategy analysis - Essay modelingThe firm that is analyzed in the paper is orchard apple tree red as giant in the consumer electronics grocery and its growths are considered as one of the most successful and hot divvy uping items. From a mediocre presidential term to the best firm in the industry, apple has made tremendous progress in terms of product innovation and service delivery. It started as a computer manufacturing and selling firm however, it has now transformed itself into a consumer electronics manufacturing firm with product range as wide as TVs, MP3 Players, Smartphones and Tablet Computers. apple started as Apple Computers Inc during 1977 however, Apple rolled out its first private computer during 1976. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the company with an aim to manufacture and sell personal computers. As a result of this effort, Apple-1 was introduced during 1976 and Apple afterward continued to build upon its technical favorable position and was able to expand its overall range of products. Over the period of time, Apple remained under the control of contrasting CEOs however its glory and success came under the leaders of Steve Jobs the co-founder of the company who was also later on remote from this position during 1990s. One of the key reasons for the success of Apple as a firm was the leadership panache and approach adapted by Steve Jobs. It is argued that Steve Jobs broke almost every principle of leadership and cultivated a new and unique style which allowed Apple to dominate divers(prenominal) markets at the aforementioned(prenominal) time. Considered by umpteen as dictator and tyrannical, it was the unique vision and micromanagement ability of Steve Jobs which contributed mostly towards the success of the firm (Emerald Group create Limited). It was because of this leadership style of Steve Jobs that the overall culture of Apple evolved as a culture with strong duty and very clear and swift communicat ion from the top. Most of the decisions were centralized and revolved around Steve Jobs owing to his personal genius and detailed oriented leadership style. Much of the Apples culture as swell up as corporate success was dependent upon the innovative genius of Steve Jobs, his ability to manage everything on his possess and enforcement of a strict corporate culture with very little tolerance for dissent and low performance. (Allen) The committal Statement Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and figuring devices with iPad.1 The above Mission Statement of the firm suggests that Apple has been able to dominate four different market niches in consumer electronics industry i.e. personal computers, di gital music, mobile phones and mobile media and computing. Though the mission teaching seems vague but it clearly outlines the current ambitions of Apple and its will to dominate different markets at the same time. Exceptional factors contributing to the success of firm One of the key factors behind the success of Apple was the leadership of Steve Jobs under whose visionary presence firm was able to transform itself into a giant in consumer electronics industry. Steve Jobs spread out the overall vision for the firm and included other product ranges coupled with effective market strategies which allowed Apple to become number 1 firm in the industry. The leadership and corporate culture of firm helped Apple to enforce strict accountability and create further room for creativity and innovation. Such approach accordingly resulted into the development and marketing of products which became hot selling due to their innovativeness and ease of use for end users. Apart from this, Apples p roducts are considered as of highest quality and durability along with their ability to offer a expel experience to customers. Apple started its music

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What colleges should teach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

What colleges should teach - Essay ExampleBurke-Vigeland concluded that the current fixed earlier step-sitting arrangement of lecture halls is unsuitable for interactive learning as it prevents students from expressing their individuality. He advocates for a flexible schoolroom which allows professors and students to restructure the classroom to allow team discussions, reversible writing on the walls, incorporation of technology that enables conference with other students around the world, and adaptation of the room for different course work (Burke-Vigeland, n. p.). In the article, What Should Colleges Teach? Stanley tilt raises concern regarding a recent trend whereby college courses ar increasingly diverting from their main discipline of focussing into other unrelated disciplines. He foc economic consumptions on the discipline which he teaches, literature, and points out an observation he do whereby writing courses in colleges nowadays tend to focus on analysis of various so cial issues such as globalization, racism, and sexism instead of focusing on writing. As a result, few students taking writing courses in college are able to write a clean English sentence. The agent asserts that writing courses should focus all on writing and teach nothing other than grammar and rhetoric (Fish, n. p.). In the article, Re idea the Way College Students are Taught, Emily Hanford asserts that the tralatitious method of educational activity in colleges whereby students learn through non-interactive lectures is no longer effective since most students are not able to absorb most of the entropy that is usually disseminated in a single lecture. The author advocates for the peer-instruction method of teaching in colleges and provides proof of its effectiveness by referring to the success of a number of professors who use this method to teach their students. These include Joe Redish, a physics professor at the University of Maryland, Brian Lukoff, a researcher in educat ion at Harvard University, and Eric Mazur, a professor of physics at Harvard University (Hanford, n. p.). In Rethinking the Way Colleges Teach particular Thinking, Scott Johnson laments the way through which colleges teach critical thinking. He asserts that current practices whereby students are taught through lectures to memorize entropy is not achieving one of its aims of developing student critical thinking skills. He uses his specialty discipline of instruction, man Science, as an example to demonstrate how students can be taught facts while simultaneously gaining crucial critical thinking skills. Johnson asserts that the best way to achieve this purpose is to dedicate a significant portion of the course teaching students how the factual information of the course was gathered through logical and critical evaluation of available information (Johnson, n. p.). In the article, Colleges Should Teach Intellectual Virtues, Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe underline the importance o f helping college students develop intellectual virtues in appendage to the traditional roles of teaching them the skills of their discipline, literacy skills, and critical thinking. The authors assert that colleges should help students develop intellectual virtues so as to shape them into all-rounded human beings (Schwartz and Sharpe, n. p.). From the five articles analyzed, it is evident that the education students acquire in colleges does not completely suit their ask and requirements for both professional and personal development. Technology and globalization have

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The TJX company Essay Example for Free

The TJX company EssayThe company used Wired tantamount(predicate) Privacy encryption form to handle their clients credit and debit card information. This strategy was very easy for any hacker to gain access to peoples information. It was completely step up of date and did not encrypt anything within the company, which made it more vulnerable. They did not install firewall security correctly. TJX had purchased umteen other security programs that were not tight-lacedly installed.They kept customers information in their system longer than what is required by law. TJX could have switched to WiFi Protected Access (WPA) to encrypt their clients personal data information, but failed to do so. This system is much more sophisticated that the previous system and it encrypted everyones information, because it was more complex. Firewalls should have been installed correctly because it could have been prevented and would have saved the company the embarrassment of cognize that their system was not safe.This data should have been protected when transferring information over a wireless connection. The bank line effect of TJXs data exhalation will cost them significantly. Because of their incompetence of not installing the proper software needed to ensure customers information, this will cost them $202 million to deal with the theft and the lawsuits brought on. They agreed to strengthen their system security and agreed to have third-party auditors to check their security features every 2 years, for the next 20 years.There was research conducted by a company called Forrester Research, which estimated that their business would cost them $1 billion for the next five years. This finding was based on the cost of additional marketing, security upgrades, consultants, and attorney fees. The moral dimension that may be applied is the fact that they need to ensure that the customers information is secure and encrypted. The next thing for the company is to take full resp onsibility for the data loss when they could have taken the simple measures of doing so.

Existential therapy Essay Example for Free

empiric therapy Essay?Your life is the impart result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can date the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself (Robert Bennet) This quote captures the very impression of Existential Therapy. This theoretical orientation deviates from all the other theoretical orientation, due to it overarching theme which focuses on a way of thinking than methods and strategies (citation needed). I believe in living life to the fullest and taking responsibility for my actions and choices. As we all know death is the only experience in life that does not render a choice, which makes it inevitable. For this reason, I make it a point to live life to the fullest at all times. Existential therapy is frightening for realist or people who believe in being responsible for their consume destiny. It has three contributing parties Viktor Frankl, Rollo whitethorn and Irvin Yalom. There are also six propositions and m any(prenominal) key concepts that will be thoroughly examined and explained throughout this paper.Viktor Frankl was born in Vienna in 1905. He was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp from 1942-1945. Frankl started developing Existential therapy long before he was imprisoned, but the experience as a prisoner confirmed his beliefs in Existentialism. Experientially he knew that everything can be taken away from a human except the freedom to choose ones attitude in any disposed set of circumstances. Frankl is internationally known as the founder of the third school of Vietnamese psychoanalysis whish existentialism (citation needed).Rollo May was born in 1909 in the United States. His interest in psychology was sparked by his unhappy upbringing as a child. May also struggled with his own existential concerns due to both failed marriages (citation needed). He was noted as the American spokesperson for European existential therapy as it relates to psychotherapy (citation needed). He believed the psychotherapy should help people find meaning and deal with the problem of being rather than firmness (citation needed). Irvin Yalom was also a contributor to Existential therapy.He was born in 1931 in Russia but short migrated to Washington D. C. He brought four major themes to Existential therapy freedom and responsibility, existential isolation, meaninglessness and death (citation needed). Yalom is a strong believer in the here and now. He also encourages other therapist practicing out of any theoretical orientation to examine the existential issues because they will emerge in any course of therapy. Existential therapy is a philosophical approach to being. It examines the freedoms that humans possess.It encourages making decision and not wasting the limited sum total of time we have here on earth. It stresses mortality, freedom, responsibility, anxiety and aloneness (citation neede d). This therapy is reflective as a estimation process or attitude towards the issues we face in life. It also looks at how we innately influence our own circumstances and accept defeat and surrender control to the things happening in our lives. One of the aims of existential therapy is to argufy people to people to stop deceiving themselves regarding their lack of responsibility for what.

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Customer Relationship Management in Bahrain Investment Banking Arena Essay Example for Free

Customer Relationship Management in Bahrain Investment canting Arena EssayThe banking industry has undergone general changes at heart the operating environment and this involves globalization of merchandises and technological improvements. These two factors see influenced and encouraged in advance(p) practices inwardly the banking industry that has served to enhance its operational expertness. The introduction of ATMs and e-banking facilities argon some of the major milestones in the banking industry that take in revolutionized ancestry operations.The global markets have intensified the matched environment of the banking industry that has created the need for change magnitude efficiency in operations and increasing customer satisfaction. Customers are the lifeblood of any organization and the banking bloodline too depends on the acquisition and retention of consumers for its profitability. Customer relationship focus shits a critical aspect of business system d riving the companys market shares and market leadership position.Customer relationship guidance (CRM) has been delimit as a business strategy that is a fusion of a series of functions, skills, processes, and technologies which together take into account companies to more profitably manage (acquire and retain) customers as tangible assets (Shanmugasundaram, 200898). It is viewed as an interactive process that creates a equilibrize between corporate objectives and customer satisfaction to incr knack the profitability of the business.Acquisition and retention of customers is one of the vital requirements of business and the effectiveness of strategies driven towards this goal determines the success of business enterprises. The past few years have witnessed ripening application of CRM in retail banking and investment funds banking sectors. The pick up objective behind such initiatives is to guarantee the delivery of superior customer service and to fulfil the involve of consumer s.Such practices are effective in enabling organizations to sate the needs of the consumers and provide improved go in comparison to other players in the industry. Competitive advantage and business gains are driven by a proactive draw near that focuses on consumer needs and expectations, provision of consistently high quality service, looking into consumer convenience and an effective follow up service to ensure consumer loyalty. A vital aspect of investment banking and any other pecuniary serve is the changing consumer mindsets.Owing to the abundance of development easily accessible oer the Inter acquit the consumers today are more knowledgeable of the wide range of choices and alternatives available to them. The consumers are equipped with more knowledge colligate to the banking options available and hence their banking decisions are guided by their well- inquiryed study. This fact h elderlys true for all economic sectors and business operations but forms a critical aspect of banking industries since it caters to a diverse segment of consumers. In nearly all business to business markets in which clients are as large as, or as in this case, often much larger than their suppliers, the latter must respond quickly to pressures from their clients to improve client management processes and systems (Foss Stone, 2002 211).CRM in Investment banking sector The short term objective of the marketing department is to acquire customers dapple the coarse term objective translates to retaining the old customers by effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. attain and acquiring a new customer is one thing, bounding the relationship healthy and solid over a long period of time is the mark of the true marketing professional concerned with long term health of the organization (Dolak, 2009). The increasing competitive market makes it difficult to retain customers over a longer period of time owing to the constant influx of new and substitute al ternatives invading the ledge spaces at the local retail shop. This makes the task of CRM increasingly challenging and organizations adopt various strategies to attract old customers back.Retention strategies often employ measures such as consumer behaviour research and product surveys that enable the organizations to evaluate the needs and expectations of the consumer and enable them to serve better. Customers always appreciate the personal touch that results in building steadfast relationships. The net today provides numerous effective converse channels that are being utilise to keep the customer happy. Web based customer relationship management has effectively integrated all modes of communication web, email, chat, video, voice to serve and support the customers to enhance the total customer experience.Investment banking differs from other forms of banking in the subprogram a few major clients play on the banks performance and productivity (Foss Stone, 2002). This form of banking targets a fixed client segment that drives the sales of investment products and services. The efficiency of the banking sector is determined by the types of products and services sold to customers in response to their investment needs and expectations. Customization of products and services are the key to derivation client satisfaction.Identification of the client segment is a vital factor in targeting and reaching bulge out to the desired client population and this process is driven by market research. The changing demographics and intense competitive pressures from global industry players have however made a significant impact on the business strategies of investment banks worldwide. The challenges faced by investment bankers lie in reaching out to target consumers and providing them with increased ease of banking services that serve to retain clients over a longer period of time.Moreover, the increasing demands of consumers and growing expectations have driven the banki ng sector to adopt technology based innovative applications for meeting consumer needs and expectations. Online banking services and brisk banking applications are some of the innovative means that are being used by investment bankers to reach out to their target consumers. Such applications have served to improve banking services and efficiencies in resolving customer queries and needs promptly through the click of the mouse button.The anytime and anywhere access to banking services have delimitate new trends in serving consumers. Online customization is one useful customer relationship management strategy adoptive by e-business to add value and improve sales of their products and services using the Internet (Khosla et al. , 2003). Investment banking in Bahrain The banking sector in Bahrain is one of the key sectors influencing economic growth and development in the region. The contribution of the financial services and banking sector is second only to the oil and natural gas in dustry in the farming.The country has experienced an economic boom and an upward trend in economic growth and development over the past few decades on account of globalisation influences and opening of trade channels. The banking sector has also open to multinational corporations establishing their operations in the country to tap the growing number of high net charge individuals in the country. Despite the globalisation of banking operations and increased de-regulation of the financial services sector in the eye socket the country continues to have a significant control and supervision over the regulatory environment.The Central Bank of Bahrain continues to be monitor and control the banking environment in the country. The modernisation of banking services and strategic approaches made by investment bankers in other parts of the globe have not produced much impact in this region owing to the constraints applied by the existing cultural influence. The retail banking scenario in Bahrain is to a bulky extent driven by the culture of the country. The cultural impacts are realised in the conservative approach of consumers towards banking and investment.Various research studies have concluded that while the region is an emerging market for technology applications and innovative practices, user attitudes have limited the scope of technology based business models in the banking sector. The conservative market environment and user attitudes towards the CRM strategies adopted by investment bankers in Bahrain forms the focal point of the research study. The research study will analyse the various perspectives involved in CRM approach by investment bankers through the study of Unicorn Investment Bank in Bahrain. The bank was founded in the year 2004 and has its headquarters in Bahrain.It is an Moslem financial services group that has an international presence in various locations such as Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi-Arabian Arabia and United States. The bank currently h as six distinctive business service categories that include asset management and real estate, capital markets, corporate finance, private equity, strategic mergers and acquisitions and treasury. Among the various services offered by the bank the key approach is to deliver the customers with a comprehensive range of investment solutions that are customised to meet client needs and expectations.Unicorns integrated product offering and financial engineering skills are closely intertwined with a strong capacity to distribute the Banks products and services to a broad client base crosswise the GCC region, the wider Middle East region, Southeast Asia, the USA and the Europe (Unicorn, 2010). The target customers of the bank include high net worth individuals, business enterprises, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies and departments. The products offered by the bank are Shariah compliant and conforms to the international financial practices (Unicorn, 2010).Issues a nd challenges All major banks have invested heavily in technology and infrastructure over the last 5 and 10 years in this area, but hardly any of them have been successful in truly getting it effective (Infosys, 2009). The failure of CRM initiatives within the investment banking sector have provided a new land for research into increasing the effectiveness of CRM applications. There are many strategic implications related to the application of CRM within investment banking sector.This involves the adaptation of normal banking processes and systems to integrate with innovative use of technology based applications and automated examination processing systems that require efficient management and handling of issues. Such issues pertain to the efficient use of CRM systems to meet operational goals and integrating the different banking functions to provide a structured application that can be used easily by consumers. Ease of use and convenience are some of the key parameters involved in the development of CRM based banking system.A key challenge facing these areas involves the security and privacy issues that form a major source of concern for consumers using the technology based applications. Technology based business models and CRM strategies enable investment bankers to provide the customers with efficiency in delivery of services, access to relevant information, product details and ease of transactions. busy banking and e-banking facilitates the customers of investment banking to a host of facilities that range from product enquiry access updated rates of liaison and market values of the investment products chosen and conducts investment transactions online.Investment portfolios can also be accessed and manipulated according to user convenience from the comforts of their home or office. However, widespread usage of such systems has been curb on account of user reservations related to security issues and privacy of vital user data and information. Mobile b anking and online transactions raise security and privacy concerns among most of the consumers (Barati Mohammadi, 2009). The transfer of sensitive financial and personal information across mobile networks is found to be the prime reason behind the psychological barriers created among potential mobile banking customers (Laukkanen, 2007).

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Presentation Ansognosia Essay Example for Free

Presentation Ansognosia Essay drop away 1(Wait for the cartoon character to appear) slip 2My job is to speak on the diagnosis, treatment and reclamation and the pognosis of Anosognosia.Questionnaires and diagnostic methods insuffiecient glide 3Let us talk intimately the sound judgement of insight and ken. coast 4Assessment is a problem as results depend on what the patients says. There is no yard measure by which the doctor can assess. splay 5I nurse displayed a few assessment techniques that are practised even though the system may not lead to perfect conclusions. egotism The patient himself can give you certain details voluntarily. You may remove to select the information that is relevant to diagnosis of anosognosia or neglect. The primary condition that accompanies the anosgnosia must be assessed too. i.e. hemiplegia, hemiparesis, schizophrenia , AlzheimersDisease etc. By the era the patient comes to you, there is a chance that some other doctors may have suffern an d diagnosed the condition. You may have to just confirm. swerve 6Interview You may have to ask leading questions.Slide 7The assesment has to cover various aspects of assessing consciousnessSlide 8Screening question asking the patient to fat his difficulties. Follow-up questions may also be necessary to elicit more inormationSlide 9 pass on questions that would give a picture of the emergent awareness.Slide 10These question give informtion on the anticipatory awareness.Slide 11This question will further tell you whether the patient has accepted his problem and is willing to be compliant to treatment.Slide 12The patients frame of mind and his future cooperation may be asessed. His willingness to accept treatment and his plans to have his condition improved will further inform you around possible treatment strategies. You may plan accordingly allowing some space for his plans.Slide 13He will be telling you what he does presently to get over his difficulty and whose help he gets . Has he adopted a new hobby that helps him? These should give an insight into his capacity and aim of arrive at success in overcoming anosgnosia .Slide 14He will give information as to the posture of his techique and whether he appears to have responded.Slide 15The scroes obtained from the questions qould help to identify the extent of the anosognisia or impairment of awareness in the patient. A high score would be 0. 10 would be the low scoreSlide 16We still have to elicit more information about his primary condition. Information about previous treatment should be elicited.Slide 17Do cognitive problems disturb his progress? How his friends see the problem according to him is also important.Slide 18I shall now speak on rehabilitation. many a(prenominal) studies have been done on this subject.Slide 19Orfei et al described a hemiplegic patient as one who will not discover a deficit, may overestimate their abilities and may deny that they are unable to move a paretic limb. He said t hat the hemiplegic patient is unable to detect or report his unawareness.Slide 20He suggested that there is a need for multidimensional assessment and some directions for furture research.Slide 21Feinberg et al studied 2 groups of patients , one with anosognosia and the other without. The relationship between hemiplegia and visuoverbal communion was assessed.Slide 22His conclusion states that verbal confabulation is an important determinant in anosgnosia.Slide 23Another study of his confirms a strong relationship between anosognosia for hemiplegia and confabulations the movement og the plegic limb.Slide 24What exactly are we trying to rehabilitate? We would be working on the anticipatory awareness, emergent awareness and noetic awareness. Intellectual awareness would include the awareness and the understanding of the problem.Slide 25Approaches to rehabilitation (Read the slide)Slide 26Approaches to rehabiltitation explained with modelWe increase anticipatory awarenes by strategy i dentification, practice, observe and feedback.For emergent awareness we do monitoring of self and staff , get feedback and then work on attention strategyTo initiate intellectual awareness, we resort to education, feedback from self ans staff monitoring and video clipping of the patient responses.Slide 27Our education process can involve all or some of the approaches mentioned here. (read the slide.)Slide 28 roughly the prognosis. Anosognosia does affect rehaibilitation or plays a role in itSlide 29Gialanella et al article The reconstructive Role of Anosognosia speaks about his study. He concluded that the presence of anosognosia worsens the rehabilitation prognosis in hemiplegic subjects who also have neglect.Slide 30Appelros study showed that both neglect and anosognosia influenced disability and prognosisSlide 31Hartman-Maier in a study found that anosognosia for hemiplegia has a high risk for negative functional government issue in stroke rehabilitation. appelro et al found tha t both neglect and anosognosia affect rehabilitation.Slide 32 Slide 33(Read the conclusions)Slide 34Signing off.

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Othello protagonist Essay Example for Free

Othello patron EssayThe protagonist of the play, Othello is a man trapped by his own weaknesses rather than a dupe of circumstance. Even though the situations that Othello finds himself in are non ideal and contribute to his downfall, it is his own fatal flaws that finish up up destroying him. In act 3 scene 3 Iago starts to schemet a seed of doubtfulness in Othellos mind about his wife Desdemona and her infidelity. Iago proceeds to ask Othello, Did Michael Cassio, when you wooed my lady, know of you love? This mind immediately causes Othello to become suspicious. Iago then follows with a series of rhetorical questions that enrage Othello as advantageously ontogeny the doubt that is building up in his mind. By the end of this scene we see one of Othellos weaknesses present itself, green-eyed monster. This particular flaw becomes one of the major contributions to Othellos downfall. By the end of the play jealousy has clouded his judgment and interpreted over his perspect ive on everything. At first Othello insists that he involve proof of the alleged affair but quickly changes his mind. Must be to loathe her. O curse word of marriage. Act 4 scene 1, Iago informs Othello that Desdemona and Cassio have slept together and he has seen that she has given Cassio the handkerchief Othello gave her when they first deteriorate in love. All this news that Iago keeps telling him sends Othello off into a rant, Ist possible? Confess? handkerchief? O devil After this his falls into a trance. This is the moment when all Othellos insecurities, fears and aversions as well as the obvious lack of judgment that a leader is assumed to have combine to bring on this kind of epileptic fit.In this scene stage directions are used to help the reader get a line what is going on for a dramatic effect. Two of Othellos flaws that cause this downfall are beloved and gullibility. These feelings enabled Iago fill his head with lies that caused him to get so worked up that he lost control. In act 5 scene 1 Iago had convinced Othello that he would kill Cassio and that Othello had to kill Desdemona. Othello begins this scene with a soliloquy, reflecting and attempting to justify his closing to kill her. Othello refers to Desdemona as elucidate. Put out the light and then put out he light. So sweet we neer so fatal. Othello describes how she was so sweet but her actions caused so a good deal pain. Before he kills her, Othello makes sure she has prayed or confessed so that she will go to heaven. I will not kill thy unprepared spirit. Othellos blind faith in Iago is the flaw that leads all his other weaknesses to move to the surface and in the end the inevitable happens. Othello, once a great man, falls. Desdemona speak for one conk out time in the play. A guiltless death I die. This quote enforces the reality of what has just taken place.This innocent woman was a victim because of another mans weakness. In this play it is brighten what jealousy and misguided trust can do to a person. These weaknesses, along with others, are the reason for Othellos downfall. Each flaw produced another weakness or doubt. The fact that Othello was manipulated to be part of Iagos plan for revenge only accelerated the speed of his demise. The fatal mix of passion, jealousy, insecurity as well as how easily he could be manipulated caused Othello to be a man snared by his own weaknesses.

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Stereotypes prejudice Essay Example for Free

Stereotypes preconceived idea EssayPlease complete the following exercises, remembering that you argon in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select trey of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for individually ?Race ?Ethnicity ?Religion ?Gender ?Sexual orientation ?Age ?Disability Category Stereotype 1 Stereotype 2 Stereotype 3 Disability People think disability is a distemper People think they atomic number 18 a mence to others and society Disabled concourse are different and are not fully human. Gender Female role of taking care of the kids Male role of be the breadwinner androgyny, which is the blending of feminine and masculine attributes in the same individual. Age Ageism Senile or disgusted Unproductive and uncreative Part II Answer each nous in 50 to hundred words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use . ?What are the positive aspects of stereotypes, if any? Some aspects of stereotyping can be GOOD, BUT I HAVE YET TO SEE ANY THAT I WOULD CONSIDER GOOD. STEREOTYPING IS A behavior FOR US TO.CATERGORIZE A PERSON OR GROUP INTO SOMETHING WE CAN non FEEL BAD FOR NOT LIKING. ?What are the negative aspects of stereotypes? Negative aspects of stereotyping play a big Copyright 2012 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Stereotypes and disadvantage Worksheet ETH/125 Version 8 2 ROLE ON A PERSON. STEROTYPING PEOPLE IN A NEGATIVE MANNER HAS A LASTING DETRIMENTAL IMPACT ON THOSE WHO EXPERIENCE THE PREJUDICE. PEOPLE suffice POORLY IN SITUATIONS WHERE THEY FEEL THEY ARE BEING STEREOTYPED. Part III Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes.Provide citations for all the sources you use. ?Define stereotypes and prejudice. What is the difference mingled with stereotyping and prejudice? Use examples to illustrate the differences. ?A stereotype is a belief abou t a trus iirthy group of people. Prejudice is a feeling about a person based on their rank and file in a group. Both stereotypes and prejudice can be either positive or negative. unlikeness is an action that denies the rights of a person due to their membership in a group. ?What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice?Prejudice- ignorantly judging based onstereotypes pre conceptions. Pre- Judging someone before having the knowledge of who they are. Ex. I have a prejudice towards all teenaged mothers, because I assume they all slept around to get pregnant, because thats what my sister did. ( which doesnt birth every ones situation the same. stereotypes- classifying groups of people based on race, gender, religion, creed, ethnicity, etc. Then believing all people who belong to that group are the same Ex All homeless people arent educated.Iggnorance is what is the realtionship between the two of them. People being ignorant and making assumptions is found in both prej udice and sterotypes. ?What can be done to prevent prejudice from occurring? Here are some examples that I think would help with preventing prejudice. It whitethorn not stop it all together, but it would help the situations from being uncomfortable. . Celebrate holidays with extended family. Use such(prenominal) opportunities to encourage storytelling and share personal experiences across generations.Invite friends from backgrounds different from your own to experience the joy of your traditions and customs. Be mindful of your language avoid stereotypical remarks and challenge those made by others. Speak out against jokes and slurs that locate people or groups. Silence sends a message that you are in agreement. It is not enough to stand to laugh. Copyright 2012 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet ETH/125 Version 8 3 Copyright 2012 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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Looking at the social comments Bennett Essay Example for Free

Looking at the social comments Bennett EssayFor I could easily afford to keep my get under ones skin and wife too. This conveys that from Phillips point of view, women are the responsibility of men and this alike reflects his upbringing as through the environment he has been brought up in, he has gained the arrogance of being capable to believe that he is higher than women and that women to him, are something that must be brought in order to look subsequently or keep them. Bennett stereotypes the arrogance of men in rules of order through the assumptions that Phillip makes about his start. This is sh profess as when in the text Phillip comes to know that dinner was set for three he immediately thought that it was something to do with him, that his fianci e Agnes was arriving he did not consider the fact that the guest could be for his mother. By presenting Phillip like this, Bennett is suggesting that Phillip is portraying the arrogance of the male in fiat However, Philli p can not be blamed for his attitude towards women in society as he was merely acting of the confines of the social rules indoors the society that he was brought up in at the time.This is shown as at the end of the story, Phillip realises that the arrogance he was brought up with was wrong as when Phillip realises that his mother is engaged, he states I had never thought of my mother as a woman with a future. By saying this, Phillip admits that his views were not necessarily correct as he never thought his mother had a future or a life of her own but after hearing the news show show of the engagement from his mother and Mr Nixon, he realises that he was wrong and admits this by simply stating we live and we learn.Through news of the engagement Bennett shares the views of Phillip towards the relationship between him and his mother, leaving the ref to assume that Phillips mother has an unfair status within society and that her views are different to those of her sons views. This is shown as Phillip wouldnt share his individualised matters with his mother, he promulgates the reader this by stating .. you argot write even to your mother..In cold blood I think Agnes likes me by saying this, Phillip is implying that his mother and him do not suffer a close relationship as he cant tell his mother about his engagement, he also shows that his mothers opinion doesnt count or matter as he states she might be a little bit hurt just at first . Here, Bennett insinuates to the reader that Phillip has been brought up to be independent enough to perform personal matters without involving his mother as she isnt very principal(prenominal) to him although he believes that he means everything to his mother as he is the only man in her life.However, close to to the end of the story, the reader comes to know that Phillips mother feels exactly the way towards Phillip as he does towards her, this is shown as Mr Nixon states .. she couldnt have well written, My dear Philli p, an old friend, Mr Nixon, is falling in love with me and I believe Im falling in love with him. .. . This proves that Phillips mother is also a product of her environment as she also implies that she believes her sons opinion does not count or matter and that he does not need to be involved in her personal matters.This is very ironic as at the start of the story Phillips environment lead him to believe that he couldnt write in a letter to his own mother that he is getting engaged then, in the end, Phillip learned that his mothers environment also lead her to believe that she couldnt write in a letter to her own son that she is getting engaged, this changed Phillips views as he realises the irony and the views that his society and environment brought him to believe he admits his skid by simply stating we live and we learn.Bennett simply comments on society, inferring simple messages such as we live and we learn, he does not criticise society through his stories, unlike Charles dic kens, who sends highly critical messages across about society through his famous stories such as a Christmas carol and Oliver . Bennetts stories are inferred comments about social and historic issues and how they are or should change, he explores the upbringing and status of the characters in news of an engagement and implies the change in society after the main character realises the irony of the relationship between him and his mother.

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The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty Essay Example for Free

The Relationship Between Brand Loyalty showEvaluate the relationship between commemorate subjection, corporate image, and repeat purchasing. Brand loyalty In marketing, brand loyalty comprises of a consumers commitment to purchase the brand and mass be demonstrated by tell buying of manufactured goods or services or other positive conducts such as article of mouth advocacy. True brand loyalty involves that the consumers are leave aloneing, at least on event, to put out their own needs in the interest of the brand. Brand loyalty is more than simple repurchasing, however. Customers may repurchase a brand due to situational constraints, a lack of viable alternatives, or out of convenience. Such loyalty is referred to as spurious loyalty. True brand loyalty exists when customers have a high relative post toward the brand which is then exhibited through repurchase behavior. This type of loyalty can be a salient asset to the firm customers are willing to pay higher prices, t hey may cost less to serve, and can bring new customers to the firm.For example, if Joe has brand loyalty to Company A, he will purchase Company As products even if Company Bs are cheaper and/or of a higher quality. An example of a study brand loyalty program that extended for several years and spread worldwide is Pepsi Stuff. Perhaps the virtually significant contemporary example of brand loyalty is the fervent devotion of many Mac users to the orchard apple tree company and its products. From the point of view of many marketers, loyalty to the brand in terms of consumer usage is a key factor. Corporate imageA corporate image refers to how a company is perceived. It is a commonly accepted image of what a company stands for. The strivingation of a corporate image is an implement in the perception management. It is created solely by marketing managers/consultants who use public relations and other forms of promotion to rede a mental picture to the public. Usually, a corporate image is designed to be interesting to the public, so that the company can spark an interest among customers, create share of mind, create brand equity, and thus denounce easy product sales.A corporations image is not solely created by the company Other contributors to a companys image could include news media, journalists, labour unions, environmental organizations, and other NGOs (non-governmental organization). Corporations are not the only form of organization that creates these types of images. Governments, charitable organizations, criminal organizations, religious organizations, political organizations, and educational organizations all tend to have a unique image, an image that is partially purposeful and partially unintended, partially self-created.For example, the corporate image for Serenity resort Salon, which has an image of a lady, faced up with hair flowing down. This image gives the sense of relaxation where a lady can get her face and hair done. The soft colours u sed give an sentiment a relaxing ambience at the salon. Thus inviting tired women to come here and unwind patch their hair and face are being treated.Only if the experience is a success for the customer will it be turned into repeat purchases. These repeats, not the single purchase which is the centralise of most models, are where the vendors focus should be, for these are where the profits are generated. For example, Mrs Lee have tried the PILOT pen before and she thinks it is a comfortable pen to write with. She buys more for her office use which all suppliers are looking forrader to. Some suppliers even gives a sample to trial on so that the customer will deprivation to buy from them again as it satisfied them to use it.

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Kant Deontological Theory Essay Example for Free

Kant Deontological Theory Es feel outThe Formula of Humanity- Act so that you use homophileity, whether in your own person or that of a nonher, al focussings at the same time as an end, never notwithstanding as a style. The Formula of the Kingdom of Ends- Act in conformity with the maxims of a member grown normal impartialitys for a merely possible kingdom of ends. The unspoilteous business is what we should be doing. Good is defined as doing what is right and avoiding doing untimely. We entertain a duty to flake in such a way that our deportions are object lesson even if it produces unfavourable results. What is veracious, match to Kant Nothing is good exactly a good go out. (Good intentions).It is good to be creative or to put one across good fortune with good out(a)comes the orb nonpluss a better place. Good go away is having the good intention to perform ones duty. The consequences of our actions do not make an action good but rather the goodwill. Wha t is having a good will? Kant proposes that when someone acts out of goodwill that is when someone is playing out of duty. According to Kant Duty should be done for the sake and duty alone. How do we know our duty in a certain situation? Duty has null to do with a certain situation or what happens all that matters is the decision is good and the outcome is good.Kant suggests act as if our decision applies to all people at all times. It is always in order to tell apart lies if the outcome is favourable? Kant would disagree with this. When we act purely out of duty we act causalityably in a manner that we fulfil our duties. Having goodwill is to perform ones duty It is our duty to do our duty even though we might not be rewarded in this life but we will be rewarded in the next life. Deontological Ethics. Kant Deontological theory of ethics it is linked to honorable law of ethics, especially that weapon system dealing with duty, moral obligation, and right action.Origin 182030 Gr eek deont- that which is binding (stem of deo) (Websters Revised Unabridged vocabulary (1913), edited by Noah Porter. ) The word deontology comes from the Greek word meaning duty (deon) and science (or study) of (logos). In moral philosophy, deontological ethics Ethical are theories that maintain that the moral rightness or wrongness of an action depends on its intrinsic qualities. (Websters Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), edited by Noah Porter). A Quote from Kant Awe and appreciation fills the mind.Starry heavens a metaphor (scientific absolutism) above and the moral law within. corresponding gravity and science these are laws which are absolute as well as moral laws. We have a choice we can all still identify the moral law e. g. do not steal. Kantian deontological theory of ethics is an absolutes theory something which is considered wrong i. e. suicide will always be wrong. Kant argues that pietism is rooted in reason he states that the demands of morality are unqualifi ed or categorical and it presupposes freedom, we have a choice and can identify and logically identify morality.Kant states that morality must be unconditional it has to be categorical. Kant distinguishes between categorical imperatives from hypothetical ones. The categorical imperative is not about desires or goals but rather about personal well-being. categoric imperatives are absolute and universal. monotonous imperative is necessary verity and cannot be without self-contradiction or irrationality. The Universal Law Act lone(prenominal) in accordance with that maxim through and through that at the same time, will that it become a universal law. Ones actions must be universal.The Universal law is that one should act on the maxim a law which can become a universal law in nature when acceptable and sustainable. We know that lying and stealing is wrong. If everyone did this beau monde would fail. Perfect duties are without exceptions, but we understand that torture and suicide is always wrong. Suicide is always wrong if this was universalized purchase order would fail. We know that making False Promises that cannot be fulfilled, is always wrong if we cannot regard this as a universal law society would fail.Breaking promises when it in my interest he states that this inconsistent and and so cannot be a moral imperative. imperfect tense duties is seeking the perfection of our duties are contradictions to our will. We ought to be seeking to promote the enjoyment of others. We understand that this is not always possible. He does not exclude enjoyment in doing duty, but that pleasure should not be the guide to what ones duty is. What is duty? Kant says Duty is the necessity of acting from respect for the Law Kant believes that duty should be crowned in the end with happiness.Obedience he says is a maxim that is universally binding as a law to all rational beings. Treat mankind as ends to themselves and should respect and never to treat others as a means to an end but only as an end. This means that we should respect others, because every human possesses an intrinsic value. We are to consider whether our actions are moral and acceptable. Kant argues that morals are about following the rules. Kant moral theory can be summarised in two ways Kant argues that we all have a choice that we can all identify the moral law. The Categorical ImperativeKant designed the Categorical imperative as a framework used to make moral law, which states that one must do what one expects other to do in a similar situation. The Categorical Imperative is the central concept in Kants ethics and the groundwork to Metaphysics of Morals. It is based to the supreme regulation of morality (4392), from which all our moral duties come from. He believed that moral requirements were based on a pattern of rationality and he named this the Categorical Imperative. By using the Universal Imperatives we use our reason (as long as it is not corrupted) to guide us in a p ath which is morally virtuous.He states that we should act according to the maxim by which you can at the same time will that it becomes a universal law. Kant uses the subject of a person who lends money and is unable to repay the loan. He states that this cannot be a universal law people will no longer believe each other and no person will lend money to another. This can be explained in three ways The Universal Law means that one should act on an action which can be sustained. It is important that we should consider if an action is right or wrong.This action will eliminate selfish action towards other human beings. Imperfect Duties Imperfect duties to seek the happiness of other people this cannot completed always. The moral law will most surely collapse if everyone told lies and were to steal. It is expected of one to perform ones duty in every way. The Kingdom of Ends is in accordance with the maxims of a member giving universal laws for a merely possible kingdom of ends is an ideal society every person must act in such a way that it benefits the greater amount of people for the greater good.Every person should act in such a way as if the person through their maxim were universal lawmakers as members in the universal kingdom of ends. One cannot say I will kill myself out of love this is acceptable and cannot be regarded as a universal law. He argues that humans have an intrinsic worth, and occupy a special place in creation, therefore people are to be treated with respect and dignity because we should understand that we are all rational agents. We possess the freedom to make our own decisions set targets and guide our conduct by reason.He believes that perfection is the Supreme Being speaking through our conscious. Therefore Gods existence although it remains unproven it is necessary in order for Kants ethical theory to be sound. He states that is freedom and immortality. God is the law conferrer to be obeyed Kant argues that there must be a God and an after-life since it would be intolerable if there were no reward. Kant states that if humans were to disappear from the planet the moral dimension would disappear too. Critique on Kants theories existence are motivated by pleasure and not only by reason.The question is it possible to act unselfishly, it is necessary to take consequences into consideration. Kant ethics places great emphasises on lying as a form of wrong. He fails to offer an understanding of conflict between different duties, Kant theories does not take into consideration social learn and free will. I disagree with Kant that feelings are subjective and selfish and find that he focuses too frequently on pure practical moral reason he excludes feeling and desires.Kant tries to combine ethics with reason but this seems unrealistic as the concept of reason does not exist in isolation from human beings and their feelings and actions. Ref Jorge J. Gracia E, Gregory M, Reichberg and Bernard, Schumacher N. The Classics of Western Philosophy, (Blackwell Publishing Ltd). 2004. Ref Mc Coy A. An Intelligent Persons exit to Christian Ethics, Continuum. London , New York Ref http//www. slideshare. net/t0nywilliams/kant-9170093.

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Military Orders Essay Example for Free

Military Orders EssayThe issue of following array fixs from high ranking military officials that may be unethical has been a disturbing and contr everywheresial issue over many years and decades. Many soldiers and military service members in general earn been put into a slur where they were given in order, knowing well that the situation isnt mighty save can non disobey. The leader expectant the order in all same(p)lihood may threaten or set push through truehearted punishment on to the individual who did not follow the order or hesitates to follow out on the order. It just isnt fair that these soldiers and service members are put in these situations and get punished for doing the right thing. When this situation may be in question in a court of law because of the harshness of the law-breaking, these soldiers may get in trouble for committing the act even though they were just following orders. This is a big problem in the United States military and its not fair th at these soldiers and service members, who give over their lives for our freedom, are punished and put in this situation. Military members who fail to obey the lawful orders of their superiors risk in force(p) consequences.Article 90 of the Uniform Code of Military soundice (UCMJ) makes it a crime for a military member to wilfullydisobey a superior commissioned officer. Article 91 makes it a crime to self-willedly disobey a superior Noncommissioned or Warrant Officer. Article 92 makes it a crime to disobey any lawful order (the disobedience does not have to be willful under this article). In fact, under Article 90, during times of war, a military member who willfully disobeys a superior commissioned officer can be sentenced to death (Powers, N/A).The articles that mentioned above take inly take that a service member cannot disobey a lawful order or they will be punished for the crime, under the article covers their punishment. The excuse of just following orders when they are lawful or not is not an excuse nor will it bold well in a military court. Following through with(predicate) with an unlawful order is bad if not worse than disobeying a lawful order. The individuals committing these crimes will be held accountable and will be punished to the fullest extent.In other cases, some service members have made willful decisions in which they have went AWOL from the orders they received and were hypothetical to incubate. An example is when an Army flight surgeon who is risking his go to force President Barack Obama to prove hes a natural born citizen is under probe by the Army afterwards failing to report for duty in preparation for an Afghanistan deployment. Lt. Col. Terrance Lakin was ordered to report to Fort Campbell, Ky. on April 12 but instead reported to Walter Reed Army Medical warmheartedness in Washington, his former assignment (Jordan, 2010). In this situation, Lt. Col.Lakin is committing a willful crime that is illegal under the articles of UCMJ and is barely doing this because of his beliefs. His beliefs that President Barrack Obama needs to prove he is a natural born citizen of the United States. Just reading this article, it provides me with this question Is it really worth getting in trouble and potentially giving up on a well decorated, stable career for just not showing up to your delegate place of duty just for some proof. President Obama was put into office for a reason and like any job out there was checked up upon and is very much qualified for the position. I think this is a bad decision by Lt.Col. Lakin. Giving up so much for this inclination is just plain ridiculous to me. There are also times where groups of soldiers disobey orders set out for them only because they feel for their lives. Maybe, they experienced something before they lead them to disobey the order. In 2004, Jeremy Hudson of the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss. , the reporter who stone-broke the story about a military unit in Iraq ref using to go on a hard mission. The U. S. military unit in Iraq reportedly refused an order to join what the soldiers called a suicide mission to put on fuel from their base near Nasiriyah to another base near Taji further north.The soldiers were reservists in a Quartermaster Company. They were supposed to deliver fuel. And they had had some concerns previously about delivering the fuel because of, as they termed it, ill-equipped vehicles mainly lacking the congruous armor, and even maintenance problems with the vehicles. They had expressed this, from what I have been told, to their commanders, and basically it fell on deaf ears. They got unitedly and talked to their commanders, from what Im told was for some time, and basically got nowhere. So they decided together to not go (Hudson, 2004).In an article in the Lancet (The Lancet, 2011), a survey was maneuvered 7 to months into a 15 month, intensity combat deployment in Iraq, surrounded by December 11, 2007 and January 30, 2008 . An infantry brigade combat team soldiers were picked randomly based upon their company and last cardinal digits of each of these soldiers social security number. The following is an a piece of the article explaining the methods conducted to produce this survey. These soldiers were then invited to plump an anonymous survey 3 months after completion of the training.Reports of unethical behavior and attitudes in this sample were compared with a randomly selected pre-training sample from the same brigade. The response patterns for ethical behavior and reporting of ethical violations were analyzed with chi-square analyses. We genuine two logistic regression models using self-reported unethical behaviors as dependent variables. Factors associated with unethical conduct, including combat experiences and direct-traumatic var. disorder (PTSD), were assessed with validated scales (The Lancet, 2011). 500 random soldiers were selected to take the survey and 421 agreed to do the anonymous post training survey. 97 soldiers completed the pre-training survey. The following is the results of the surveys that these soldiers took.Training was associated with significantly lower rates of unethical conduct of soldiers and greater willingness to report and address misconduct than in those before training. For example, reports of unnecessary damage or decease of private property decreased from 136% (54 of 397) before training to 50% (21 of 421) after training (percent difference ? 632%), and willingness to report a unit member for mistreatment of a non-combatant change magnitude from 360% (143 of 397) to 589% (248 of 421).Nearly all participants (410 97%) reported that training made it clear how to respond towards non-combatants. Combat frequency and intensity was the strongest predictor of unethical behavior PTSD was not a significant predictor of unethical behavior after controlling for combat experiences (The Lancet, 2011). With the results of this survey I have come to the conclusion that training is the key to educate these soldiers on how to handle combat situations. The percentage increase in every topic discussed and it proves the fact that training is the absolute way to help these soldiers learn and recognise the rules and regulations.What is lawful and what is not. Also, the soldier rights to disobey an order that is not lawful. There are other unethical matters that chew with the military and orders that are ordered to take place. The issue of a soldier that is wounded/injured in a warzone or a military environment and is taken to a medical facility receives but the soldier makes the decision to refuse the medical attention. What rights does the soldier if any have? Does this soldier have the right to make this decision? By not receiving the medical attention, he or she can affect their witness livelihood and also others around them by refusing to get help.In an article by Janet Kelly, of the University of Hull, UK, she presents a hard ly a(prenominal) scenarios on about this topic and what happens when a soldier does deny medical treatment. The following paragraph is in the article and shows one of these scenarios. With the examples I provided, I have learned that the United States military strictly punishes its service member with the crimes they commit by going by their governing document of the UCMJ. Following military orders is a strictly enforced. There isnt any room for error when an order is given unless it is an unlawful order and can be challenged by the service member towards the superior official.

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Effect of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance

Effect of Job Satis particularion on Employee PerformanceIntroductionNowadays, it is very hard to find dedicated employees who could be relied on when the going gets tough. It repletes an encouraging supervisor to egg on an employee to stay on his count all over position and to do his trouble sound. Likewise, it takes a committed hiter to persist in his trading no matter how difficult it whitethorn be, as long as he is properly move and satisfied with his personal credit line.Just what makes a reverseer motivated to do his job well? What makes him satisfied in his job? This paper attempts to investigate the aforementioned questions within a certain corporation, Reliance Industries, Ltd. It lead take on a qualitative study. It pass on be employing the use of questionnaires and a commission group audience to probe into the issues of job motivating and job joy and if this translates to execution of instrument and efficiency.Research ObjectivesThe objectives of the stu dy entrust beTo examine the strategies that organisations use to motivate their employeesTo explore the relationship amidst employee need and job satisf put to death.To examine organisational execution and efficiency.To examine organisational implementation and efficiency entails.To examine the concern of employee job enjoyment and want on organisational setance and efficiency.Statement of the Problem How does employee job satisfaction and indigence affect his performance and efficiency in the composition?The study provide seek to solvent the adjacent questionsWhat atomic number 18 the strategies that organisations use to motivate their employees?What is the correlation between employee motivation and job satisfaction?What is organisational performance and efficiency?What does organisational performance and efficiency entail?What is the impact of employee job satisfaction and motivation on organisational performance and efficiency?Research MethodologyData collection wi ll be carried out by use of questionnaires. A focus group interview shall be implemented so that a selected group of employees earth-closet give in-depth answers to issues pertaining to job satisfaction and motivation and how it affects their own performance and efficiency. It will also draw out much development from the thorough review of literature, so outline of the exits of the questionnaire and interview will be done in the backdrop of a rich tapestry of motivation models and principles.Descriptive look for design will then be employ where qualitative analysis will be made basing on the variables that aim at examining the impact of employee job satisfaction and motivation on organisational performance and efficiency. This is because descriptive methods atomic number 18 quite effective in identifying concrete socio-economic issues such(prenominal) as the impact of employee job satisfaction and motivation onorganisational performance and efficiency (Silverman 1993 Beverle y 1998 Strauss and Corbin 1990).Significance of the StudyThe study aims to improvement organizational development purposes, specifically the human resources de start upment. A thorough review of literature on motivation shall be done explaining theories, models and principles of how an individual is encouraged to do something for himself and for others. This explore will enlighten employers on how to motivate their employees so they do better in their jobs and result in job satisfaction on the case of the latter. It becomes an win-win situation for everyone concerned if motivation is appropriate and effective and will elicit initiative on the part of the employee.Chapter TwoReview of LiteratureMotivation comes from the enjoyment of discipline itself and from the desire to achieve goals set by the person (Dawson, 2009). Each individual has different goals. Some ar financial, like working longer hours for tautologic income or exerting more than(prenominal) effort just to push sales. Some set their sights on a onward motion of rank believing that if they do well on their jobs and accept the challenge of more responsibilities that eventually, they level up to a position of more power and authority. This paper argues the need for employers to lowstand how their role players ar motivated and how they can use such teaching to produce better results for the organization.Knowledge of employee motivation is an advantage for employers. When this knowledge is applied, it becomes a win-win situation for both parties since the employees are motivated to pursue shared organizational goals while the employer encourages the productivity in his organization.Handy (1999) reports that the initial goals of motivation seek was to encourage individuals to provide better service to their employers by exerting more effort and maximizing their talents at work. Having a well-motivated workforce whitethorn be equivalent to better work productivity and winner in product sa l mogul in the market. Additional advantages are lower level of absenteeism and staff disorders because the employees are satisfied with their work. This also meaning that training and recruitment costs are lowered because work positions are always reliably staffed (Dawson, 2009).Douglas McGregors Theory X and Y gained much attention in the 1960s. He claimed that an individual falls infra either of 2 categories, X or Y. The X individual postulate a lot of controlling, directing, coercion and thereat just so he gets work done. On the other hand, individuals under Theory Y do not see work as tedious and instead, commits to the goals they generate set. coming together these goals becomes the reward in itself. The average individual stays in the middle ground. He prefers to be say and avoids responsibility as much as he can. However, when left with no choice, he learns to accept it and extradite it out. Further, even if imagination or creativity is astray distributed across th e population, individual potentials of people are however partially use in work (Dawson, 2009). This now begs the question of how employers can find employees who fall under the Theory Y category, those who are motivated enough to give their best to the job.Other early motivation theories include the Satisfaction Theory, the Incentive Theory and the Intrinsic Theory. The Satisfaction theory posits that a satisfied worker works even harder and proves his loyalty to the organization he belongs to by staying longer there. Who would want to leave a work environment that provides satisfaction? If one is happy there, there would be little no motivation to leave, and utmost motivation to stay on. The Incentive theory claims that an individual will affix his efforts to obtain a reward, which are mostly compensation packages such as salary profits or access to more keep comp whatever benefits. The Intrinsic theory is culled from Maslows theory of Hierarchy of demand. He categorized hum an ineluctably as hierarchal from the basic physiological needs moving to safety, belongingness and love, esteem and finally self-actualization. Maslow contends that these needs serve as motivators (Handy, 1999). For example, a man is motivated to work to earn money for his family to provide for their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. However, as the man becomes richer and is able to meet his and his familys physiological and safety needs, he ensures that his higher needs are also met. As one level of needs is met, the individuals needs move up to the next level until he has met most of his needs and just strives for self-actualization. As an application to work, an employee likewise moves up the organizational ladder and strives to come home the highest position he can achieve. At that point, he is earning enough money, has gained enough belongingness and recognition and as a reflection of his need for self-actualization, is motivated to leave a legacy behind.In relat ion to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs theory, a real-life example from the international society, IKEA, is illustrated. This Scandanavian-based company is known to be the largest supplier and manufacturer of furniture worldwide. In 2004, IKEA in Denmark took the initiative to give their entire hindrance staff a 25% raise. IKEA has more of them than any other group and it meant a sizeable increase in total monthly overhead expenses. However, it was a business decision that delighted the checkout staff. It follows that happy employees are bound to create positive results for the company (Kjerulf, n.d.). One is lower employee turnover. This provides tremendous savings for the company of epoch and money recruiting new staff. It also means that the longer workers stay with a company, the more invited they become and the more they identify with the company. Hence, the company develops a more experienced and loyal staff. Being so, they provide better service, gaining higher customer satisf action. The companys reputation of providing high quality of service to its customers is spreads rapidly by word of mouth, thereby incurring more sales and acquire for the company.Although IKEA incurred a humongous expense with the implementation of the raise, it gainful itself within six months. Analyzing wherefore this worked for IKEA, Kjerulf gives one-third reasons. The scratch is that the raise obviously gave the staff a significant improvement in their standard of living. The recipients were the least paid in the company, so a 25% raise made a huge difference in terms of their quality of life. Secondly, the salary increase gave people recognition. IKEA acknowledged that they were the most important group of employees since they are the only employees customers are likely to talk to at the end of the sale because customers help themselves with the products anyway. This acknowledgement makes the checkout staff feel valued and trusted. Finally, IKEA promoted the value of fai rness. The recipients of the raise were suddenly paid as well as other employees, and even higher than the market average of their counterparts.So it is not really the salary increase that motivated the employees. More than that, they gained much in terms of self-pride and the feeling of being valued as a worker. Albert Martens, one of IKEAs HR heads posits that giving financial incentive to staff does not actually increase the motivation of a worker who values customer-focused attitude more than money. Because they feel important due to such great service given them, customers come back not only for the quality of IKEAs products but for the cordial of service they get from the staff. The staff in turn, gets as such rewarded by this (Whitehead, 2006).According to Judge et al. (2001) the happier people are in the workplace, the more satisfied they are. Weiss (2002) and Rain et al. (1991) concur with this argument that employee job satisfaction and employee motivation are clearly li nked. Rain et al. (1991) and Fried and Ferris (1987, pp. 287-322) agree with Porter (1997) that human resources are the most important assets that any organisation can boast to own and to master(prenominal)tain because people utilise and turn the organisations resources into products that the organisation needs in order to perform and to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of its customers.Workers expect some take of psychological contracts from their employers. Consciously or unconsciously, they anticipate more than the benefits and compensation that the job usually presents. Workers expect promote from management, work that is challenging and interesting and communication that is brusk and secure. These non-monetary rewards have become very significant to the motivation of workers. Of course their economical needs have to be fulfilled (as in the basic physiological and guarantor needs in Maslows Hierarchy of Needs), however, their socio-emotional needs have to be give n attention as well (as in the sense of belonging and esteem needs referred to by Maslow). Lester, Clair Kickul (2001) contend that the implication of this is that from the beginning, employers do not only discuss the workers compensation package also emphasize the aspects of the company that will be intrinsically satisfying to the workers.Money and other spatial relation symbols like higher job positions and titles, more spacious and idealistic offices, and the like do not really increase ones motivation (Kohn, 1999). This may seem unbelievable, but separately time a person is extrinsically-rewarded for doing something, it reduces their intrinsic motivation. Employers need to remember that intrinsic motivation spurs an individual to perform well and to high standards because the person does something on his own volition and commits to doing his best in the task (Kjerulf, n.d.).It is meaty that employers realize the importance of such psychological contracts They should keep in mind that all employees desire work that is meaningful, recognition and credit for such work, creative freedom and opportunities for personal growth. As a start, open and honest communication must be established and maintained in the organization. This must include encouragement and boosting of self-esteem of workers. Lack of communication may suggest to employees that the employer is susceptible to breach their psychological contract.Porter (1997) asserts that job satisfaction is a key indicator of how employees feel about their jobs and a predictor of work behaviours such as organisational loyalty, absenteeism and employee turnover. Fried and Ferris (1987, pp. 287-322) concur with Porters view that job satisfaction can partially mediate the relationship of disposition variables and deviant work behaviours. According to Weiss (2002, pp. 173-194) and Porter (1997), there exists a huge correlation between job satisfaction and productivity.Job satisfaction amongst employees of Relia nce Industries as a result of effective motivation packages has change magnitude growth due to the commitment that workers exercise. According to Reliance Industries Limited (2010), this has come as a result of various motivation packages such as competitive compensation packages and world-class exposures that offer employees opportunities to learn and experience the world. Porter (1997) states that one source of an organisations competitive advantage is job satisfaction. Reliance Industries Limited recognises this and that is the reason why the company walks an extra mile to ensure that employees are satisfied on the job and this has enabled it to attract and stay excellent talent that places the company at a more competitive position that has enabled it to invest in innovative and lucrative ventures in areas such as Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), bio-technology-led inquiry, life sciences and many more (Forbes 2010 Reliance Industries Limited 2010).Investment of more time and effort in the establishment and sustenance of well-grounded relationships with workers keeps employers updated of their workers progress in both personal and professional areas.Motivating workers can be a challenge for leaders. However, it is well worth the time and effort in the end, as the workers themselves will bear fruits for the organization.Introduction nearly Chosen Organisation (Reliance Industries)Reliance Industries Limited was founded in 1966 by Dhirubhai Ambani, the Indian industrialist and was the pioneer in the creative activity of financial instruments such as fully convertible debentures into the Indian tune markets (Forbes 2010). It is alleged by critics that the success of Reliance Industries Limited at the top position in terms of market capitalisation is the ability of the founder to manipulate the levers of a controlled economy to its advantage. The major subsidiaries and associates of Reliance Industries Limited include Reliance oil Limited (RPL) Reliance life sentence Sciences Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited (RIIL) Reliance Institute of Life Sciences (Rils) Relicord Reliance Solar Reliance Clinical Research Services (RCRS) Reliance Logistics (P) Limited (Cable newsworthiness vane 2010).Reliance Industries Limited has 3 million shareholders and 1 out of every 4 investors in India is a Reliance shareholder (Cable News Network 2010). This makes it the company the organisation in which most stock is widely held in the whole world. According to Forbes (2010), the subsidiaries and associates of Reliance Industries Limited are the best performers in the Indian stock market. By market value, Reliance Industries Limited is the largest private sector company in India with an annual turnover of US$ 44 billion and profit of US$ 3.6 billion for the year ending in knock against 2010 and assets valued at US$ 43.61 (Forbes 2010).The company is ranked at 264th position in the Fortune worldwide 500 list in 2009 and at th e 126th position in the Forbes Global 2000 list in 2010 (Cable News Network 2010 Forbes 2010). Reliance Industries Limited is one of the main players in the oil and petrochemicals industry in India. Although the companys main focus is oil, it has diversified its operations in recent times as a result of stark(a) differences between the founders sons, Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani after the company was divided between them in 2006 (Cable News Network 2010).Chapter common chordMethodologyStrauss and Corbin (1990) stated that qualitative research is any kind of research that produces findings not arrived at by means of statistical procedures or other means of quantification. Glesne (1999) stated that qualitative researchers seek out a variety of perspectives they do not reduce the multiple interpretations to a norm. Strauss and Corbin (1990) claimed that qualitative methods can be used to better understand any phenomenon about which little is yet known. They can also be used to gain new perspectives on things about which much is already known, or to gain more in-depth culture that may be difficult to convey quantitatively, or where the researcher has determined that quantitative measures cannot adequately quarter or interpret a situation.a. QuestionnairesThe use of questionnaires as a means of collecting info from the research instrumentalists, with an aim in obtaining their personal views on job satisfaction and motivation and how it affects their performance and efficiency has been selected for this busy research. (Campbell et al., 2004) describe questionnaires as a very versatile data-gathering method they are cheap, easy to administer, whether it be to three people or 300, and can be used to gather a great variety of data of both quantitative and qualitative nature. (Campbell et al., 2004, p. 146). Cohen et al. (2000) also praise the use of questionnaires for their efficiency. They allow an efficient use of the researchers time, as they can collect a s ignificant amount of information in one attempt, rather than conducting interviews over a period of weeks. Gillham (2000) also highlights that questionnaires make efficient use of the respondents time, as they can complete the questionnaire at a time that is suitable to them and does not require the researcher and respondent to match free periods of time to conduct the research. Cohen et al. (2000) and Gillham (2000) emphasize the usefulness of questionnaires for ensuring the participants anonymity, which in this study, may be requested due to its very splendid and controversial nature. If the respondents cannot be identified, they may be more willing to write about issues and opinions more openly than they would in a face-to-face situation. It could be argued then that questionnaires are therefore most likely to get under ones skin more truthful answers as there is no personal contact with the interviewer.However, a disadvantage of using questionnaires is that the only data col lected is a variety of tick boxes and brief responses, which means the data tends to have more breadth than depth. This results from the lack of an interviewer to prompt for further information or more detail in their answers, and they cannot interpret questions for the participant who is unclear about what is being asked. This may result in each participant having to decipher what they are being asked independently and may resort to their own subjective understanding of the questions.The following questions will be asked in the questionnaires and will be discussed in detail in a focus group interview conducted laterAre you satisfied with your job right now? Why or why not?What motivates you to do your job well?What are the strategies that your organisations use to motivate their employees?Do you think employee motivation leads to job satisfaction? Explain.How do you define organisational performance and efficiency?What does organisational performance and efficiency entail?How would you rate yourself in terms of job performance and efficiency?What do you think is the impact of employee job satisfaction and motivation on organisational performance and efficiency?b. InterviewsTo pursue the questions in depth, a selected group of participants who answered the questionnaires will be asked to join a focus group interview. The interview method involves questioning or a discussion of issues with one or more people. It is useful to collect data which may not be accessible through observation or questionnaires (Blaxter et al, 2006).Robson (2002) points out how the interview is a flexible and adaptable research tool. In face to face interviews, there is the possibility of following up interesting responses. Frey and Mertens-Oishi (1995) comment how respondent participation can be enhanced by the interviewer sensitively guiding the questioning, and being able to answer any questions which the respondent may ask. Oppenheim (1992) suggests that the response rate is higher in interviews than in questionnaires, due to the fact that participants become more involved.c. Qualitative subject matter Analysis of LiteratureThe content analysis of findings from several studies in the review of literature is another great source of a wealth of information for this current study. Content analysis is a research technique for making replicable and valid inferences from texts (or other meaningful matter) to the contexts of their use (Krippendorff, 2004, p. 18). Constructs researched on and analyzed may be derived from existing theories or practices, the experience or knowledge of experts and previous research (Krippendorff, 2004). Content analysis aims to provide knowledge, new insights, a representation of facts and a practical guide to action (Elo Kyngas, 2008).Qualitative content analysis flows from a humanistic tradition. Replacing hypotheses associated with quantitative research methods are open questions that guide the research and influence the data that a re gathered (White and Marsh, 2006). The researcher reads through the data and analyzes them well to identify concepts and patterns. He or she may discover patterns and concepts that emerge but were not foreshadowed but are nevertheless important to consider and report.For this study, available literature already reports data which has been gathered and analyzed by competent researchers in the field. The researcher is in a position to compare existing literature and manage which information will best answer the questions pertaining to this current research study.ProcedureFirstly, permission to conduct the research should be sought from the rightful authorities of Reliance Industries Limited by way of written correspondence. The earn includes the aims and objectives of the study and the methodology to be used. The company will also be assured that they will be furnished a copy of the final research paper.Questionnaires will be distributed to the employees of the company either by hand or by email. Demographic data of the participants shall be collected like their gender, age, civil status and length of time they have served with the company.A small group of 7 to 10 employees shall be indiscriminately selected from the pool of participants to engage in a focus group interview. This small group interview will be to follow up on their responses in the questionnaire and to further probe into their insights regarding motivation and job satisfaction and how these affect their performance and efficiency in their jobs.The focus group interview will be audio-recorded and put down in verbatim. The interview questions already stated above will be asked of the participants to guide the flow of the interview and the participants will take turns answering them and responding to others answers as well. An interviewer will be hired to facilitate the interview and may ask follow up questions to clarify some answers. This interviewer will be briefed beforehand on the object ives of the research and how to conduct the focus group interview to elicit candid responses from the participants. The participants are ensured of the confidentiality of their responses as their real name will not be used in reporting the responses as data. This occasion is to give students the opportunity to elaborate and freely express their insights with regard to student-teacher relationships. The focus group discussions are believed to add pertinent information to the study.Data AnalysisResponses from the questionnaires and focus group interview will be culled and sorted according to themes that may surface (ex. motivations, company strategies to motivate employees, etc.). Each theme will be analyzed with the backdrop of the information gathered from the literature review.